My rose bushes have gotten way too big!

ogrose_txSeptember 27, 2012

Thanks to my irrigation system my G Nabbonand and Duchesse de Brabant have gone totally berserk, reaching about 7', way too big!

Can I prune these back without any lasting effects? Can I prune them severely, or just a little?

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grandmothers_rose(z6b VA)

Holy Cow! 7' for Duchesse de Brabant?! Mine's in a 20 gallon pot. I live a much cooler zone so I hope she stays a little smaller. I LOVE her blooms, scent, color, everything! You are sooo lucky!

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Yes mame ogrose, you may trim them back, just not as much as you would in the spring. Good luck!

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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

I've read that many teas don't like to be pruned and may sulk as a result.

Here's an article by Cass Bernstein about pruning Teas.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning Teas

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Cass speaks truth.
The roses are not too big. They're In the wrong place. Consider moving them -- because, really, you don't want to try to make 4-ft. Plants out of them.


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seil zone 6b MI

I never complain when my roses get too big, it means they're happy, lol! Are they causing a problem being large? Can you move something else to give them more room?

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Help Me Find says DdB will get up to 8', and in a warm climate, that's what I'd expect. You should see my Blush Noisette - it'a about 7' tall and at least that wide.

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I find that my teas do better with little pruning. Trying to bring their size down by several feet at a time has resulted in gawky, awkward branching that results in an ugly rose bush. In the case of Safrano, however, I cut back by deadheading further down the branch than I would normally do because it is so wide and reaches into the driveway, scratching our vehicles. It was my first tea and I did not plant it with enough room for its natural mature size.

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Wow - I had never seen Cass' article on pruning teas. It is a keeper!

I agree with the others above that your DdB is NOT "way too big" - it is the size it is supposed to be, and is happy being. I have two DdBs, and both of them are 7-8 ft tall. So, I echo the above question - why do you think it is too big? If it is in the wrong location for a tea (almost all of which will get at least 7 x8 ft tall and wide), can you move it to a better location?

You will not like the result if you try to prune it for size.


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I'm a little worried about my row of tea roses. Most of them are already touching each other and it won't be long before they're intimately intertwined which isn't what I had in mind. They're six feet apart from center to center and obviously that's much too close. When they're planted as bands you just can't believe they'll ever grow this big. They showed me!


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Thank you, thank you! They will stay where they are (not a bad place), and I will enjoy their large size, covered with roses!

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Most people are sad that their teas don't grow. Enjoy your good fortune I say.

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I love it that some teas get so large. I have a bed that runs the length of my porch, about 15'. I took out a bunch of azaleas that were there when I bought the house, and replaced them with THREE Mme. Antoine Mari bushes. They filled the bed and got about 7' tall and as wide in about a year. Every now and then I cut them way back and they promptly filled out again, and it seems like they're always blooming.

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