Noisettes from Vintage

greybird(z7 TX)September 14, 2011

What about these noisettes, any are outstanding?? Need some that are really tough.

Bouquet Tout Fait

Duchesse de Grammont

Lingo Musk

Placerville White Noisette

Mary Washington

Cato's Cluster

Tutta's Pink Noisette

I have been looking at making an order from Vintage. I was not going to get any more roses at all until we are clear of this drought. But the drought is not giving up and with La Nina back in place, likely it's not going to rain appreciably any time soon. And then the Vintage news...I have decided to gamble and go ahead with an order. My noisettes all made it through the summer, most still looking pretty darn good for all the devil they have been through.

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Hi greybird, the only two of your list I've grown are Mary Washington and Bouquet Tout Fait. Both were excellent shrubs in the mid desert for me. Had I room and weren't so focused on what I want to breed new roses with, I'd grow them again. Kim

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

The Placerville White is certainly tough. It's one of those cemetery roses that survived years without water. It has established faster than my other Noisettes also.

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Of the ones you mention, I have Mary Washington. Although mine is still young, I am very impressed with this rose. It is completely healthy and blooms non-stop for me. I will have to, however, transplant it this fall as I have it planted too close to its neighbor, Jeanne d'Arc (which I love).

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greybird(z7 TX)

Jardineratx, how does MW compare to JdA in your opinion?
Jeanne d'Arc is a real winner here, my favorite right up there with Natchitoches Noisette.

Mendocino, thanks for the push for Placerville, tough and vigorous is what I need.

Kim, about Bouquet Tout Faite, what is this rose like?


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Leigh, my Mary Washington grows in a nice shrubby form (similar to Natchitoches Noisette) with large, upright, clusters of very fragrant blooms . Jeanne d'Arc, on the other hand, can be easily trained as a modest climber. It is also quite fragrant and has very showy yellow stamens on the blooms. The bloom clusters are more cascading than on MW. Hope this helps.

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Good morning Leigh. Bouquet grew typically, like a controlled climber with many laterals. I didn't prune it much, other than to head it back out of areas I didn't want it in as it grew in the "wild" area of the garden. The foliage was clean and it was enthusiastic to grow in the native adobe with a deep horse manure mulch. The climate was arid so I had to be there at the right time to see anything other than "white" flowers and detect a lot of scent. It flowered in flushes there, but there were usually some flowers on it. From what I remember of it, as it's been a number of years since I've grown it, I found it a very satisfactory plant. The individual flowers were pleasing, but it was en masse they held the most charm. But, that's the beauty of most of the smaller flowered shrubs..the produce bazillians of flowers at once. Kim

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I have Duchesse de Grammont. The plant is still young; I got it a year ago from ARE. It has performed well here in Vegas, putting out flushes this spring and summer. It grew two new canes this spring and most of the flushes have occurred on those growths. It did all that in spite of having to be moved in mid-May (new home).
The flowers are small, rather dainty, and very fully double; they are white frosted with a trace of light pink mostly at the outer fringe. If I put my nose in the bloom then I can detect a faint musky odor (notably, scent does not carry well here with the very low humidity).

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