Vintage Gardens posted third release

g-in-fl(9a Florida)September 21, 2012

Vintage posted the Third Release about an hour ago. :>)

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I requestd the following...
Mme Louis Levarque
Lemon Spice
Summer Fashion

Lady Penzance
Commandant Beaurepaire
Creekside Manor Tea
Mlle. Blanche Lafitte

hope I get some of them.

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Campanula UK Z8

Hi Melva - There appear to be several roses with the same name as Mme Louis Leveque If we are talking about the same one, mine is a rather nice moss. It is a good upright grower for me (I had Henri Martin and William Lobb which tended to stray out of bounds and flail around - but nothing as bad as Jaques Cartier). I also much prefer the soft pale pink (I dunno, it always seems to me that moss roses should be either pale pink or white). However, there are a couple of others - a hybrid tea and maybe a damask type about which I have no info.
Not familiar with the others apart from Lady Penzance (I have a neighbour who grows its sibling sort of, Lord Penance) -again a good healthy pick.

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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

Here's my choices

Aennchen von Tharau

Mme. Louis Leveque,
Campanula, it's listed as a pale pink moss. Looks very pretty. I already have Salet and that is doing very well even though some flowers ball in my moist climate. The ones that open are worth it. I've recently fallen in love with Moss roses. They seem the epitome of "old fashioned" to me.


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The Mme Louis Levarque that I chose, is indeed the Moss...good to know it is a good one.
Lady Penzance I have had before as well as Lord Penzance..I just love the apple scented foilage the flowers are nice too.

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I'm not ordering this time since I already have 8 on order and am not sure where I will place all of those. However there are some awfully nice roses on that list. I was tempted by Creekside Manor Tea.

I notice that they are offering Cara Mia and I would like to put in a plug for it. This is one of the rare florist roses that does very well in the garden, a reliable, healthy red HT. My garden is in an low disease pressure area, but Cara Mia gets no disease whatsoever here. I do only a single dormant spray at pruning time. And if you know someone named Cara (as I do) what could be a more perfect rose to honor that person?


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landlady(USDA 8 or 9)

Didja notice the very bottom of the letter where Gregg says that he is going to be re-starting his blog?

"I Hope that you will join me in my upcoming blog, 1001 Roses I Can't Live Without. I will launch this in the next ten days. If you have never read my blog, check out this link, also accessible from the Vintage Gardens homepage.
A blog by Gregg Lowery

Here is a link that might be useful: Gregg Lowery's Blog being resurrected

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I asked for Oneto Home Saffron and Oklahoma to finish my order. My mom has Oklahoma and I have always loved it, but her plant is virused, so this is a chance to get a VID clone. I bought a band of Lemon Spice from Vintage at this year's Celebration of Roses -- the bloom and scent are so swoon-worthy and it looks like it is going to do fine on its own roots.

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Actually must contradict myself. I just ordered Monsieur Tillier though without checking to see if it was part of the new release. I have a young plant in a pot from another vendor and its color has consistently been a mid-pink. I want that salmon-to-brick color M. Tillier is famous for. I'm not convinced that the one I have is the real M. Tillier. If they end up both being the same, well, I'll simply give one away at a local plant exchange.


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Campanula UK Z8

Mmm Melva, you will probably enjoy the rather lovely (and healthy) foliage on MLL too - a really soft pale blue/green which looks delicious next to the pale pink blooms - a very romantic rose.

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organic_tosca(9/Sunset 14)

Rosefolly: It seems to me that I've seen the Monsieur Tillier that we have in the Sacramento Cemetery Rose Garden show more of a pinkish color at one time of the year and more of the salmon-to-brick color at another time of the year. It got smushed by a tree branch falling on it and had to be cut back quite a bit - so it's not the huge gorgeous thing that I first saw (nearly went on my knees, I was so overwhelmed!), but I recall those blooms being the latter color at that time, which I THINK was the autumn flush, but am not sure. Anyway, maybe your plants will get the idea eventually!
Also, if you are coming to the Symposium, maybe ours will be blooming, and you can check it out. I won't be at the event itself, but I'll probably be at the garden on Sunday, and I'll wear something on my shirt that says "GW - Organic Tosca", so say Hi if you see me!

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Melva, let me know if you can't get Aptos. It roots easily, which is why I still have it. In the new garden, there wasn't room for it, but the rose had other ideas. It tip rooted in another pot, so while the original went to a friend's garden, this one is pushing itself everywhere. You're welcome to cuttings if it isn't available. Kim

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Organic Tosca, I will be there. I look forward to seeing you, and I will check out the Monsieur Tillier at the cemetery.


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Thank you, Kim...

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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

Aptos is also available from Rogue Valley Roses. Sounds like it's very shade tolerant like Lyda Rose also from Kleine Letunnich. Given my garden, I may have to get it too.


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steelrose(z9 SF Bay CA)

Aptos is amazingly shade tolerant in my yard, growing and remaining healthy with only broken sun after a couple of hours in the morning. The small foliage charms me whenever I walk by.


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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

Thanks for the vote Colleen. Will have to try it.


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AquaEyes 7a New Jersey

It's late getting back to this thread, but it took me a while to catch up with money after the move, waiting an extra month for my job to start, yada yada yada. So now I finally get to order some more roses for spring.

I just placed "Part 2" of my Vintage order, and I think this will be all I'm getting from them this year. I have no issues with the company by any means -- I'm just going to try out some east-coast nurseries for filling my new garden here to save on shipping. Basically, the second order is stuff I want but wasn't available on my side of the country, or would have cost more because of shipping gallon-sized plants. Both of these orders will come the third week of April 2013. And I think between the two orders and what I already have in pots, this is about half of the roses that will go in the garden (or in the pot ghetto, or as gifts to friends if there's no more all know the drill).

Part 1

Bourbons -- Mlle Blanche Lafitte, Mme Dore, Sophie's Perpetual

Hybrid Perpetual -- Souvenir du Dr. Jamain

Hybrid Teas -- Crimson Glory (VID), Night (Lady Sackville)

Portlands -- Blanc de Vibert, Rose du Roi (original)

Tea-Noisette -- Jaune Desprez

Part 2

Gallicas -- Belle de Crecy, Duchesse de Montebello, Georges Vibert, Sissinghurst Castle, Superb Tuscan, Tricolore de Flandre

Hybrid Chinas -- Duchesse d'Angouleme, Nouveau Monde

Hybrid Perpetuals -- Georg Arends, Monsieur Boncenne

Hybrid Teas -- Lemon Spice, Mirandy, Oklahoma (all VID)

Polyantha -- Marie Pavie

Musk/Species X -- Reverend Seidel

Currently in pots from last spring are:

Bourbons -- Mme Isaac Pereire, Souvenir de Victor Landeau

English -- Belle Story (was actually a mistake, but I like it)

Gallicas -- Charles de Mills, Cardinal de Richelieu

and Darlow's Enigma (be he classed as "hybrid musk" or "climber" or whatever).

What's left to order? I plead the fifth.



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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

Somehow I just keep ordering roses. There are some that may not be available again any time soon. I ordered some Hybrid Chinas that I didn't have since I've begun to collect them. I'm getting Lady Penznce and another Eglantine, Mannings Blush. I've wanted her for years. I decided I had to try Climbing Crimson Glory and Climbing Sutter's Gold again. My original plants were grafted. Crimson Glory never did well(a friend has a magnificent plant) and the Sutter's Gold got some kind of fungus and died after doing well for years. I ordered Doubloons because it goes with Captain Kid and Long John Siver. A few more climbers too. We are so fortunate to have this bounty.

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