What did you order that's new to you in 2014?

kittymoonbeamOctober 31, 2013

I ordered Florentina, Nantucket and Ascot from Palatine.
Florentina is the one I never heard of before but it looks so good that I had to try one.

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

I ordered some bands from Rogue: Orfeo, Dixieland Linda, Archduc Joseph, Opal Brunner, Gruss an Coburg, Nigrette, Singing in the Rain, Pierre Notting, and Etoile de Feu.
I ordered them from Rogue b/c I couldn't get them from RU or ARE. I've grown spoiled being able to get 2G plants from them for the same (sometimes less) amount of money that I have to pay for bands. I'm hoping since I ordered for Spring shipping they might be a wee bit bigger than usual.
I have ordered others on multiflora from Canada...some Austins, Polyanthas and other OGRs.
I have Ascot as of last Spring. No bloom this year but it was in a crummy spot. I have always admired Nantucket. Florentina looks pretty. Did you order the bush or climber?
Anxious to see what others have ordered.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I will be ordering only one rose--Ghislaine de Feligonde, a climbing hybrid musk (I think--some sources call it a rambler)--to replace a climber that died.

I do miss making multiple orders for the spring, but at least Ghislaine is lovely and interesting enough to somewhat make up for the lack of quantity in my order. After all, even if I had a bigger yard, I almost cannot keep up with the gardens I presently have--so I will look forward to my single order for 2014.

I look forward to seeing pics of your new roses--I am not familiar with most of them, except Ascot, which is gorgeous!


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Campanula UK Z8

no roses.....but a number of exciting and novel (to me) perennials, a couple of which I have never heard of and some I have never seen. So, just a few completely new.
muhlenbergia capillaris, aka muhly grass - i very much enjoy growing a few grasses because they suit my untidy and sprawly gardening style and this one was cpmpletely unknown to me - a chance sighting on someone's blog and I was pressing the Paypal button. Bought the seeds from the US and hoping to do a fair bit of boasting about this really unusual (for us in the UK) grass. And those pink flowers!
Strobilanthes wallichii - I have come across this genus as a foliage plant - Persian Shield, aka S.dyeriana but came across a huge clump of what initially looked like a purple balsam, in a very neglected part of our local botanics. Frantic googling (and a stolen handful of seedheads) and I have them in trays in the greenhouse - a fabulous trumpet shaped flower - great in shade!
Linum rigida, aka Texas flax. Love the flaxes and am still in denial about the lack of full sunlight at the woods. Lots of chainsaw action should see to that so decided to try this little perennial, along with the delicious callirhoe bushii. Advice, you Texans?
A new primula - P.wilsonii - an easy candelabra type (and the sort I have craved for years). Look out - primulas and geums, I feel obsession creeping up.
Finally, another one from the US - mertensia virginia. Uncommon over here but a lovely woodland addition to bluebells and anemones....and the lovely hepaticas.
I have not mentioned the trees - where I fear I am indulging my megalomaniac tendencies to the full - there is something quite surreal about a whopping great tree growing from a tiny little seed - I have been sowing entire forests.
I know there are more....but will bore myself to sleep if I continue rambling on.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

'Ascot', yes. Looking forward to it. That will likely be the only new rose for '14.

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Campanula, I have Mulhy grass. It is native and very common in this part of Florida. Muhly grass is very pretty and drought tolerant, but I guess that's less of a problem for you. Persian Shield is another common plant in our big box stores. I'm always pining away for lilacs, peonies, and tulips :)

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I actually ordered some Austins. Swore off of them about a decade ago since the ones I tried were real duds in my garden, but have decided to give a few of the newer ones a try. None of the nurseries around here carry Austins, so I ordered 2 Munstead Wood (due to Kate and DianeâÂÂs high praise), a Lady Emma Hamilton, Carding Mill and ScepterâÂÂd Isle. IâÂÂm really excited about trying againâ¦hopefully IâÂÂll have better luck with them this go around. Also, a nursery I visited a couple of weeks ago was giving away leftover roses with purchases. I spent enough on non-rose stuff that I got to pick two free roses. They had a bunch of moderns to choose from, but donâÂÂt need any more of those. I got the only two OGRs they hadâ¦Zeffy and a Climbing Cecile Brunner. I see what everyone means about Cl. Cecile Brunner being a house eaterâ¦she was so much bigger than any of the others roses there. The only place I really have to put her is along the pasture fence. I donâÂÂt plant anything near the fence for fear the cows and horses will eat it, but maybe that will keep her size in check and maybe they wonâÂÂt eat her completely. I havenâÂÂt grown any climbers in about a decade, either, so will see how I do with those. My garden only had a few OGRs, so I bought several teas, chinas and polys a few months ago. I potted those up to 5 gallon and decided to wait until spring to put them in the ground. Like Kate, IâÂÂll be out of room and time soon, so trying to focus on diversity for these last few new additions. 2014 will be the year of new growing experiences for me. WinterâÂÂs not even here yet, and IâÂÂm already looking forward to spring.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

2014 is the first year that I won't be ordering new roses and I'm not certain that I'll order any after that. I have six roses from Vintage and Rogue Valley waiting to go in the ground and will have to take out at least one (unsatisfactory) rose to make room for all of these. With global warming a reality now, I don't want to plant anything new in my garden and as time goes on will probably cull more roses that aren't doing well. I want to keep about 50-60 of my best roses and hope that over the coming years there will still be enough water and rain to keep them going.


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Desertgarden- Las Vegas, Z8b @ 2800 ft.

New for my 2014 Spring garden are:

Belle Vichyssoise
Twilight Zone
Reine des Violettes - grafted
Clotilde Soupert
White Pet
Mme. Joseph Schwartz
Marie Pavie
Young Lycidas

Thinking about adding an Evelyn ( Diane's photos) and a Cornelissen ( web member's praise and beauty) or Kronprinzessin Viktoria.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I have a fruit tree list, that does count?

I do plan on ordering at least 4 from Burlington as my Christmas gift, just have to decide which 4 it should be.

Ingrid, any desire for a couple of 2 story San Pedro Cactus-global warming will not bug them. Flowers are yellow-even made red fruit this year. I could get you some truck bed sized ones. Our neighbors love them, mom hates them and worries they will fall. I worry I will have to be the one to cut them down.

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Kippy, what did you end up ordering for Christmas?

I limited myself to four this year. I just sent in a request to Burlington for Lady Hillingdon, Madame Antoine Mari, Leonie Lamesch and Marchesa Boccella.

Although, the Celebration of Old Roses is in May and who knows what I will see there.......

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Brittie - La Porte, TX 9a

Miss Caroline, Rosette Delizy, Cole's Settlement, Lois Manners, Xochimilco, Xuchitl, Colonial Days - all from rose petals (and more that I am forgetting). Licorice Tea, Gruss an Coburg, Clementina Carbonieri from RVR.

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Nothing. We got 80 roses the previous winter and are still digesting them, also it has been so rainy since Christmas that I've hardly been able to think about the garden at all, not to mention that it's made digging impossible. Last year I made a couple of substantial orders of interesting plants--sarcococcas, epimediums, sweet and Parma violets--many of which are still in pots. We're integrating these plants into the garden, as well as various natives we dug up and potted last spring. Suzy, you are right to love hepaticas! I'm introducing them into the woods below the shade garden and hoping they have enough organic litter. They're one of the prettiest of all woodland plants.
We got interested in our woodland last summer and spent a lot of time cleaning it up, pulling ivy and cutting brush. I took my usual rose cuttings in the fall, but was especially interested in gathering rose suckers. I would like to have at least two plants of every rose variety in the garden, and I'm a long, long way from being there. Also these are the once-blooming old roses that I enjoy so much.
Anyway, this is a period for regrouping: reorganizing, integrating, preparing, completing. Although I'm thinking about peonies. I don't have enough of them. And the bulb nursery I bought from last year has some plants that are available only in the spring, so I need to take a look at their list.

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So far I've been good and it's just been Marianne, and Annie Laurie McDowell. I've got my hands quite full with a pot ghetto that I should be more tender with. But with work and school I find I can't get out there as much as I'd like. I'm hoping to get everyone in the ground and on an irrigation system so they can really take off!


If you so desire, I believe Burlington is working on getting 'Gloire de Dijon' grafted onto rootstock to make it a viable cultivar. Just thought I'd mention it!


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nikthegreek(9b/10a E of Athens, Greece)

As I exclusively buy bare roots, my buying season is fall to early spring and I did most of my buying last fall. However I have a few roses I ordered in 2014 and arriving any day now, which should be the last for the season:
Mrs. Herbert Stevens,
Mme Jules Gravereaux,
Macmillan Nurse,
Alchymist and

Still not sure where to place most of them and I also have a backlog of another 30 or so roses living in pots pending placement also...

However the roses I bought last fall make a much longer list...
Fortune's Double Yellow
Duchesse de Brabant
Gloire de Dijon
Pink Grootendorst (for a pot)
Lady Hillingdon Climber
Sombreuil (not the tea)
Cécile Brünner Climber
Félicité Perpétue
Queen of Sweden
R. rubiginosa Magnifica
Teasing Georgia
Abraham Darby
Jude the Obscure
Sharifa Asma
Lady Emma Hamilton
Buff Beauty
Munstead Wood
Darcey Bussell
The Lark Ascending
Perle d'Or
Paul's Himalayan Musk
Lady of Shalott
New Dawn
Mme Grégoire Staechelin
Paul Noël and

some of the above in multiples.... I think I need to pay a visit to rosaholics anonymous.

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Nik I see we're having the same problem. When you find a rosaholics anonymous chapter please let me know . Perhaps they will open a chapter in America !!!! See my post " am I the only one that can't stop buying roses" but I digress. Here is my 2014 list. All ordered between January and February I'm afraid .

From ARE
Cecile Brunner
Marchessa Bocella
Madame Joseph Schwarz
White pet x 2
Kronprincessin Viktoria
Mrs Dudley Cross
La France
Happenstance x2
Sweet pea

From Heirloom

From Chamblees
Golden Celebration
Cupcake x 2

From David Austin
Mollineaux. X 2
Munstead Wood
Queen of Sweden
Princess Anne
Princess Alexandria of Kent

From either Rouge Valley or niche I forgot
Nastarana x2

Also numerous salvias, flowering thymes, sages, echinacea and lavenders. Also some Althea's and hardy hibiscus to plant amongst the roses.

Happy rose gardening.

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Campanula UK Z8

Going into the second roseless year, I cracked and bought Nevada and Alba-semi-plena, 2 roses for the woods. Out of the blue, I was given a Blush Rambler, so from nothing, I have at least 3 new ones this year.....and a whole heap of hardwood cuttings I took on a whim.
Trees, though.........now we are talking.

Planted out prunus autumnalis subhirtella along with the two bare-roots in what felt like a freezy gale yesterday. Little bluebells are poking up already....and I bought a dozen winter aconites to get a colony started.

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Sounds nice Camps. I used to live in Cambridge. Close to Addenbrooke's hospital. Your garden must be gorgeous . The truth is once roses are in your blood. They just come to you :-). Hoping to try some campanulas in Texas to see if they will fry. Wish me luck!

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

So far I have not purchased any bands......so far being the key word

Just last week I had to drive to northern California and could have managed to stop by Burlington Roses. I was busy trying to remember my picks on my computer at home and throw together an order but ran out of time. Probably a good thing because I would have probably ruined the plants on the drive home

I have a bunch of cuttings that I have hopes for. But I do have a few on my list.

Sombriel (my cuttings did not take off)

The rest of my list is on my computer at home

I did get a bunch of fruit trees, now let's hope for rain!

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Cecile Brunner (shrub, I do not have space for her as a climber!)
New Dawn (kind of nervous about her monstrosity but she is a beauty & I have a plan!)
Eglantyne - I couldn't resist!
Lady of Shalott
Munstead Wood
Barbra Streisand (hoping to get moonstone instead, we shall see if they can make that change for me)
I can't wait, just a couple more weeks!!

Next on my list are going to be purples (including mauves and lavenders) and yellows. I have mostly pinks and reds, I really need to break those up a bit...a lot really :)

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I did plant 3 cherry trees, Lapins, Minnie Royal and Royal Lee all on Colt rootstock. They are low chill and placed so they can spare the roses the worst of the heat of the day.

A Spice-zee nectaplum, the little burgundy leaves are already popping open

2 Apriums, Cot-n-Candy and Flavor Delight

3 Pluots,Dapple Dandy, Flavor Grenade and Flavor King

an Artic Star Nectarine and a Sundowner Apple

With no real rain in the forecasts and a big garage project, I have decided to hold off on ordering bands until I have time to spend on them if we have to hand water at odd times.

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Rose de Rescht
Don Juan
Reine des Violettes

If you count what was ordered last year and is coming this year:
Bolero 3 to add to the 3 I have
White Eden Rose
Princess Alexandra of Kent
Paul's Himalayan Musk

If you count what was ordered this year and is to come in 2015:
White Maman Cochet
Lady of Megginch

If you count what was ordered last year and is to come in 2015:

If you count what was ordered in 2012 and is to come in 2015:
Brother Cadfael


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Munstead Wood
Darcey Bussel
Lichfield Angel
Lady of Shalott

I hope my little Eugene de Beauharanais and Boule de Neige bands will get big enough to put in the ground soon. They came in November, but it's been so cold that they haven't done much.
I'm really worried that DA won't send my roses in time. They need to be planted now, but I guess it's been too cold in Texas for them to ship at the proper times.
Also hoping that Tranquility won't be a dud. I don't normally care to take risks, but what the heck.

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