RRD on rambler

maureeninmd(z6 MD)October 25, 2011

I'm pretty sure this is RRD on a Veilchenblau that grows over a shed. I'm not sure how long it's been there. The witches broom growth and bristly canes are high up above the shed but now I see a tiny bit on another cane that was cut close to the ground.

It scares me that these mites may have been flying all around my garden. Should I take out on the two canes (leaving two), take the whole thing down to the ground, or remove the rose entirely?



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seil zone 6b MI

I'd remove the rose. Even if some of the canes don't show symptoms yet they are probably already infected.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Yes, that is RRD and it's been there a while. (I've seen it worse on Veilchenblau, and in Veilchenblau I think RRD moves through the canes fairly fast into the roots. IF you can find a cane with roots that are far from the roots that supported the two problem canes, you might be able to save it (But I'd put it where the winds don't blow over it into your garden)

Slight correction: the mites don't fly. They are wingless and ride air currents (one way trips). This may tell you what other roses of yours you'll need to watch more carefully- anything downwind of Veilchenblau.

So far, my Veil. hasn't been a mite landing site; it grows at the base of a huge Hackberry and I don't tie it up so the canes whip around rather madly in high winds and the canes aren't where the mites would be dropped when the winds slow down.

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maureeninmd(z6 MD)

Thank you both for the replies.

Ann - I was reading your e-book this morning, so it's nice to hear from you. I may just remove this rose, especially as it's not in a prominent spot. Ramblers grow so quickly, so an replacement would soon fill the spot. Although that may not be wise as this is obviously a susceptible spot.

I have two other ramblers downwind of this, and an Awakening that grows practically underneath this affected growth.

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Sorry to see this Maureen. My best wishes that all your other roses escape infection.


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This has been a banner year for RRD in our area. In ramblers, sometimes we miss the early signs, because the roses are so big. This is what happened to me last fall with Mandeville Pink, another multiflora rambler. I cut out the affected canes, and abnormal growth emerged when the rose broke dormancy in the spring. I cut it down and sprayed the stump with Round Up, and I haven't planted another rose in that spot.

Because Veilchenblau is easily available, I would just cut it to the ground and dig out the remains. No reason to risk the rest of your garden by trying to save it.

I'm really sorry about this.


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maureeninmd(z6 MD)

Thank you for the condolences. It is sad, as this is a rose that I really look forward to every year.

I cut it all down and bagged it already. I will dig up and dispose of all (hopefully) the roots this afternoon. It has not been windy, and I tried to be careful, but I still had the paranoid feeling that I was flinging mites all over the place.

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