WANTED: Trades for Spring Plant Swap

browneyedsusan_gw(8a)April 6, 2012

The spring swap will be held on May 5 at the Bluejay pavilion at Oak Mountain State Park. A map of the park is available at:

http://www.alapark.com/parks/pdfs/oakmountain/oakmtndaymap.pdf (thanks to Apple911 for the link).

Please post trades here as we risk getting bumped off if we post them on the Discussions page. You will need to update/post (if you don't have one already) your trade lists on your Member pages- I plan to update mine this weekend.

Please encourage your friends and neighbors to attend. Any plant/gardening related item- plants, plant stakes, labels, compost, pots, jewelry, preserves, rocks, etc. can be traded. We usually start trading at 10 am and have a potluck lunch afterward. Nelson has started a lunch list on the Discussions page.



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Finally, I got to this thread. lol

Nelson- I would like to swap a birdhouse for one of your Colocasia esculenta 'Coal Miner'. What kind of birdhouse do you want? I really like black capped chickadees, so busy & cute. And they love the seeds of Echinacea purpurea. Gee, that plant is at the other house, I better move some of it. I will share some with you. Let me know what bird to build for.

Susan- Santolina chamaecyparissus or Lavender cotton is a hardy plant that has surprised & pleased me. It grows in the heavy clay of my front yard & has done well. So consider it for a trade. I would like some of your Amsonia ciliata & cuttings of variegated Weigela. I think I read the iris 'Stepping Out' is heirloom.

Catbird- I would like one of the Wax Myrtle seedlings that you have & some seeds of Amsonia hubrichtii (Arkansas blue star). Please see what you may like from my list. I still have plants I need to check on before I add them to my exchange list.

kolet66- I have some seeds of crookneck summer squash that you may have, in exchange for any of your red lettuces. I have a fig tree, so I could bring you some cuttings of it to root.

Apple911- I have some cannas, some red, some yellow. I will bring you some of each, in exchange for some of your Grape hyacinth.

littlehelper- I have a Tea Olive ready to go. Butterfly weed, I will need to check on, as it is at the other house. I would like your Rhodea japonica (Sacred Lily).

hoovergal- I would like some of the variegated periwinkle & Four o'clock pink/white bicolored. Please sent me a list of plants that you are wanting.

Well, this took me a while. If I missed anyone who is going to the swap, let me know.


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I will be glad to bring you the Amsonia plants and Weigela cuttings for your Santolina. I am also interested in your Iris Summer Olympics". Please let me know if there is anything else on my list that you would like.

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Hi Susan, I have the Santolina in pots, ready to go. I will put some of the Iris "Summer Olympics" in a pot for you on Monday.

If you still have some of the seeds: Liatris purple, & Salvia "Coral Nymph", I would like some of those.

I have seeds of Salvia "Blue Bedder", Canterbury Bells "Cup & Saucer Mix", Delphinium "Pacific Giant Mix", Coleus "Rainbow Mixed Colors". If you would like any of them, let me know.
Thanks red50-Joyce

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I will bring you the seeds. Susan

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Red50- Sounds great. I have a lot.

I have amaryllis bulbs, oak tree seedlings (3), pumpkin plants (10), cottonwood tree (1), and I'm sure I have forgotten something. It's hard to remember everything while I'm at work.

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The 'Coal Miner' is yours, along with anything else you want. Any birdhouse is fine (if it's appealing to nuthatches then all the better).

Thanks a bunch!


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