WANTED: Spring Swap 2013: Post trades here

browneyedsusan_gw(8a)April 8, 2013

I reserved the Beaver Pavilion at the Oak Mountain State Park, Birmingham AL on May 4th for our swap.

A map can be found here:
http://www.alapark.com/parks/pdfs/oakmountain/oakmtnparkeastmap.pdf. Beaver pavilion is #20 on the map.

We usually start trading around 10 AM and then have a potluck lunch. Any garden-related item may be traded-plants, seeds, potting soil, compost, rocks, garden art, bird baths, preserves, cakes, cookies (that can be eaten in a garden) etc. Lunch items should be listed under the thread I started for this purpose on the Exchanges page.


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Susan, You have the plants requested. I also have from you want list: Ornamental grasses - Maiden grass, variegated grass(I think miscanthus sinensis variegatus), Zebra grass, and Fountain grass. LMK if you want these.

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tedevore(7b Al)

Susan, I'd like a Canna Bengal tiger on your list. I have a sedum and probably a little hakone grass I could bring you.

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Tony, I have all three of the grassed you listed. Thanks anyway. Is there anything else I can bring for you?

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Susan, I saw where you were interested in dark leaf canna with red flowers. I have dark leaf one with red flower that gets about 6' +. If interested, LMK. Tony

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Does anyone have the native Crab apple and the pink flowering one with dark leaves. Al. Power cut mine when they cut my moso bamboo. If you have them and want to trade, check my posts and my trade page. Tony

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

I had posted that I planned to bring oriental eggplant transplants. I will stil be bringing a few, but germination was very poor on 3 of the 4 varieties I planted. Sunday I will plant seeds of some exotic winter squash and melons, for those who may be interested in that. Thiose should be ready just in time for the swap.

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Kenneth-I would love to have a couple of your eggplant transplants. Please let me know what you would like. I have added more plants to my list.

Please encourage members of your gardening association to attend. I will bring extra plants.

Nelson, Daffodillady (Beth), Alice, Moonfire - I hope you
are planning to attend the swap. Invite your friends and neighbors as well.

Don't forget to sign up to bring food for our potluck luncheon.


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Susan, I would like the Pavonia hastate if you still have it, bunny ears cuttings, euphorbia milli cuttings and teucrium chaemadrys-germander. Tony

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if anyone has 1,2,3 gal plastic pots to trade, send me an email. need more 1 gal. size obviously.


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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Susan, Alice and I do plan to come, and Sunita tells me she does plan to be back.

Today I have been repotting winter squash seedlings, they germinated nicely, as has cantaloupe "Noir Des Carmes". I also have just replanted seeds of eggplants.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

I just updated my trade list. As I previously mentioned, some of my planned veggie transpplants have not worked out, others may still work out but be very small. I have added some ornamentals.. I plan another update about April 30.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hey everyone, well due to some unforseen problems the GA group's swap has all but been cancelled. They may try to relocate to another home but for some reason this year not many folks were responding to the call so turnout was going to be scant. On top of that my friend who wanted to go to the GA swap backed out as well so I am freed up to come to Birmingham. If it's not too late to get in on the swapping action, here is my list of HAVES/WANTS:

HAVES (most of my haves are young rooted cuttings, not large mature plants):
'Black Beauty' Eggplant -- 2 transplants
'Annapolis' Strawberry Plants -- many
Daylilies --
-- President Betty Williams
-- Stella De Oro
-- Wild Horses
-- Pandora's Box
-- Leebea Orange Crush
-- Chorus Line
-- Sammy Russell
Pink-purple creeping Phlox
'Pink Princess' Weigelia -- many young rooted cuttings
Loroptealum -- small rooted cuttings
'Royal Red' Butterfly Bush
'Nanho Blue' Butterfly Bush
'White Profusion' Butterfly Bush
'Black Knight' Butterfly Bush
'Honeycomb' Butterfly Bush
'Madame Plantier' Rose
'Hot Lips' Salvia
Mock Orange -- small rooted cuttings
Rosemary -- small rooted cuttings
'Radrazz' Knock Out Rose
'Rainbow' Knock Out Rose
'Crippsii' False Cypress -- small rooted cuttings
White Spirea -- small rooted cuttings
'The Fairy' Rose
'Limelight' Artemesia
Variegated Weigelia (have 1)
'Nikko Blue' Hydrangea
'Navajo Bright Red' Salvia
'Green Mound' Juniper
'Golden Showers' Climbing Rose
Confederate Rose (I think it's white with pink blush)
Red Chrysanthemum -- rooted cuttings
Double Hollyhocks -- currently small sprouted seedlings
Ferry's Round Dutch Cabbage -- currently small sprouted seedlings
'Fort Knox' Yellow Bell pepper plants -- have 2

Heirloom Tomatoes, Peppers, anything interesting whether hybrid or heirloom.
Fruits -- raspberries, fruit bearing trees, Grape vines, muscadine vines, etc...
Dark-veined or black Elephant Ear
Any colorful bearded Iris (any color but white)
Brugmansia any color
Daylily varieties I don't have -- I have around 200 kinds so if you have any you'd like to trade just let me know what you've got available and I'll tell you whether I already have it or not (unless of course you have even more than I do lol!). Especially looking for 'Caribbean Whipped Cream' to replace one that died.
Water Lilies
Those large purple hydrangeas people have been growing in the South for years. I know localized pH affects color but these don't look like my Nikkos when I see them in people's yards.
A truly red Crape Myrtle -- not hot pink/magenta. I've seen them in yards, just can't find them in stores.
'Mona Lavender' Plectranthus
Cross Vine
Japanese Blood Grass
Laceleaf Japanese Maples -- such as 'Crimson Queen', 'Sango Kaku', Seriyu, etc....

Tulle/netting/row cover material
Weed barrier
Chicken Wire, hardware cloth, hogwire or livestock fencing
PVC Pipe/fittings
Dripline pipe/fittings
Old water hoses
Plastic pots, carrying trays, etc....(especially square pint pots and their carrying trays, 18 cell landscapers flats, 1 gal pots and smaller. I always need these for the greenhouse starts and rooted cuttings.
8" X 16" concrete cinder blocks
Rebar of any length and thickness
Round brooder style lights, sometimes they have a clamp
Fluorescent Lighting fixtures
Pond Liner material or pre-formed liners
2-Gal watering cans
5-6 gallon plastic buckets
Large cat litter pails -- the ones that hold roughly 30 lbs of litter with a lid and handle

Whew!! I'm exhausted!
Will post what food we're bringing shortly on the food thread.

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I'm sorry your swap got cancelled but glad that we will be seeing you again. I have emailed you for a trade.

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catbird(z7 AL)

Between the MG plant sale, scrambling to clear storm debris and salvage what plants I can, plus various church and civic responsibilities, I haven't gotten my list updated or much potted up. I will be at the swap, though, mostly to see everyone and visit. I finally did some checking today and can bring at least some:
dicliptera humming bird plant
alstromeria Peruvian lily
hot lips salvia
Amsonia blue star
ribbon grass (strawberries and cream?)

If there's something you want from my old list, which I haven't updated yet, let me know. I may be able to bring it.

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Look for emails From me today everyone

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I m looking for old blinds to use as plant labels. I will be happy to bring you a plant for one. Please let me know.

There's a 40% chance of rain on Saturday. This means that there is a 60% chance that it won't rain! Let's hope for the best!


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Received my last plants before swap. Here is what I got:
Gal.size. TuTu Lenten Rose, Echo Rojo Red Hot Poker, Blue Moon Phlox, Flurry Sandwort, Emerald Empress Hen and Chicks (small Pot), Jade Rose Hens and Chicks (small Pot), Azalea Congo, Azalea George Lindley Tabor (gal. size.
Also got a few things on consignment. Red Crape Myrtles(small type) Prepriced 6.95, 7 Orchid Phalaenopsis prepriced 14.95, 1orchid P. ambilis x maki watanabe prepriced 24.95, and 1DTPS 1-HSIN Black Valentine prepriced 24.95. What do you want to trade?

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I'd like to have the 'Echo Rojo' kniphofia. Anything on my Exchange Page is open for trade to you.



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Nelson, The Red Hot Poker is yours. I am getting more than enough from you. If you see anything else you want, let me know, Thanks, Tony

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hey guys,

my Mom dug up some 'Miss Jessie' daylilies from her garden to bring. They are beautiful, tall and multiply like crazy. We'll have them for open swap at the park or if anyone in particular would like some just let me know and I'll set some aside for you.

Also, my dad is asking for green liriope to replace some that animals dug up. If anyone has extra they can bring he'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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Hi Susan, Don't worry about the rain. I will bring the soap and someone else can bring the I found one small Hot Trumpets Salvia (qt. size). Do you want it? I want some of your Sedum mediovariegata. Also, I will have several dark leaf sedum for fall trade. Go over my sedum list and let me know which ones you want me to root for you. Tony

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Tony, I will bring you the crinum and mediovariegata sedum. I would like an Elsie's gold sedum, if you have one now or in the fall. I will email you later about rooting sedums for the fall. I'm at work and don't want to be seen googling sedums here!
So let's have the swap at the usual time-around 10 am.

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10 sounds good to me. I already have you an Elysie's Gold in the car. My rat mobile is packed to the top, all ready to go.

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I can bring a few Hostas, also bagged up some mosaic tiles I cut from plates, have scrap stained glass, making approximately 10 sea shell jars for trade, have lots of Morning glory seedlings, scarlet runner bean plants, and more.

Toni,, could I please get some zebra grass from you. I have wanted this for years!

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