HAVE: Nametags and these trades......

ourhighlandhomeApril 28, 2009

I've made the following nametags. Let me know if I've overlooked anyone:

Kenneth (madabouteu)

Marguerite (cheaha39)

Stan Reese


naturemom gardener


Jo Brantly

Garvice the Cat

Jan (birdlady 10)

Todd (tedevore)

Alice (catbird)

Jody (frog hollow lady)

Michelle (michelleswonders)

Beth (daffodillady)

Rosey (roseyp8255)

Jan (tweetypye)

Stella (telly2)

Carole (Heaven4441)

Wayne (mws366)

Sandra (Waynes' better half)

Shana (idig)

Terry (tsmith2579)

Susan (browneyedsusan)




Lynn (pfllh)

Joyce (red50)

I'm bringing the following. Again, let me know if I've forgotten anything:

Wayne: curcuma zedoaria, curcuma variegata, manfreda "Spot", scadoxus multiflorus, odora variegata, xanthosoma "Green Dwarf", rex begonia vine, thornless opuntia.

Michelle: odora variegata, xanthosoma "Green Dwarf", variegated xanthosoma,

callirhoe, super dwarf cavendish, musa mannii.

Shana: two 1-gal pots of miscanthus, Therese Bugnet rose.

Still have lots on my exchange page if anyone would like to take a look.

Thanks - see ya'll Saturday!


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Please add one for Sylvia Smith (Mrs. Tsmith2579) but Smokey (a.k.a., The Cat)has a prior engagement and will not be able to attend. - Thanks, Terry

P.S. Do you need me to bring anything to you?

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Christine is coming too.
We had arranged a trade. I'm bringing Ajuga "Chocolate chip" and Dianthus "Bath's Pink for a Manfreda "Spot" and a daylily. Is there anything else I can bring you?

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My husband, Scott and son, Christopher will be coming to. Can't wait to see everyone.


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airydana(7b AL)

Hi Nelson,
I am a brand new trader - AiryDana (Dana) coming to the swap, still learning the ropes. I have mainly undesirable common stuff to bring since I am just getting started - Nandina clumps, liriope clumps, mondo clumps, but hey, soomebody might can use them. Please see my Exchange Page. I do have a very nice Pineapple Guava shrub, and a Buddleia Black Knight. Both are several years old and established specimens. Looking forward to trading!


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