have: al forum plant swap sept 22 - oak mtn park

tsmith2579(7B)August 12, 2007

The Alabama plant swap will be held on Saturday, Sept 22 starting at 10 a.m. at Oak Mountain State park, in the parking lot next to the lake beach and swimming area.


Take I-65 South to exit 246. Turn right at the bottom of the off-ramp on to Alabama Hwy 119. There are signs which direct you to the Oak Mountain State Park road. FOLLOW THE SIGNS. The road to the park is almost directly across Hwy 119 from the bottom of the exit. The road to the park entrance parallels I-65 South for a short distance and then passes under I-65. There are signs directing you to the park entrance. Ask the gate attendant to direct you to the beach and picnic area. The road to the picnic area is about 2 miles down the road on the right. Turn right, up the hill and follow that road. It is a very winding road. The picnic area is almost at the end of the road. We always park and gather in the parking area.


Use this space to list those items which you have to trade, those things you want or to direct everyone to your Gardenweb trade list. Be sure to update your GW trade list before posting.


Use this space to arrange pre-planned trades. Review the trade lists of others and feel free to contact the person about a trade.


Be sure to bring extra items with you which have not been traded in pre-arranged exchanges There is always something you want or someone else wants which becomes an informal, un-arranged trade.


We usually break shortly after 11 a.m. for lunch. We would love for everyone to join us whether you bring food or not. If you plan to bring food, please list what you will bring on your post. That way we donÂt wind up with 20 gallons of potato salad or baked beans.

We hope you will come join us. Y'all come!

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Here is my trade list. Note I am listing the trades I've already made. This list is on my trade page so check back often for updates. I'm bringing pesto and pasta salad for lunch. - Terry

**************Updated 13 August 2007****************
I have a few rooted BRUG cuttings
I have a mix of pink brug cuttings (Rosa Traum, Butterfly, versicolor pink)
Chas. Grimaldi yellow
single White
During season from June through mid-October, I can provide fresh brugmansia cuttings if the rooted ones have been traded.
***************Elephant Ears***********************
Alocasia Macro - starter plants
Colocasia Illustris
Xanthosoma marginata or is it elepaio(not Micky Mouse, leaves don't curl)
Xanthosoma sagittafolia
Xanthosoma "Blue Giant" Teal blue leaves and stems
******************Hardy banana trees*******************
Musa Basjoo
Musella Lasiocarpa 1 year old (yellow lotus blooming banana)
Malviviscus arboreus - One year old plants, nice full size. Some have already bloomed this year. - cut and paste to see pix. (http://www.fp.sfasu.edu/jamesvankley/PineywoodsPlants/Eudicotyledons/Malvaceae%5Cmedium_Malvaviscus_arboreus3.jpg)
One gallon Hibiscus mutabilis Rubra or Rubrum. Blooms all summer until frost.
Hardy hibiscus seedlings - Mixed Varieties There are VERY FEW white plants. Mostly pink & red
Two four feet tall gardenia bushes
6 or 8 pieces of pampas grass
Maple bonsai. Very pretty and leaves are beautiful red in fall. Nice size, 24 inches. Special trades only.
10 purple-lavender wisteria 1 gal pot
2 white wisteria 1 gal pot
Several small pampas grass plants
I'm bringing pasta salad with pesto for lunch.
Birdlady-Jan Lotz - Bordelon banana & peach waterlily
Wayne Smith - Blue Giant xanthasoma
Browneyedsusan - hibiscus

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see my trade list !!!! i have some nice plants all potted up ready to go. who wants them ? the hostas are well rooted large divisions.

i'm bringing another chocolate cake.

plants already promised----

susan--- hostas, 'kabitan', 'sun power',
'golden spades', and ventricosa

nelson-- rosemarinums 'irene', hosta
'golden tiara', and cedar poles

jan----- akebia quintata, euphorbia r.,
and aster carolinianus

linda--- colocasia 'blk. magic', hostas
'kabitan', and 'aug. moon'


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birdlady_10(z7b Ala)

Not sure what I'm going to bring to eat yet but it'll be something COLD! LOL Got lots on my trade page.Hope someody takes half this stuff :o).
Trades already made:
*Wayne-red passion vine,star mgnolia,red yucca.
*ismcw-Linda=jerusalem artichoe,ruellia,maypop,star magnolia,blue water iris.
*browneyed susan=confederate rose,star magnolia-2.
*Tony-too much to list! LOL
Let me know if anyone else needs anything.I'll be bringing extra. Jan

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tedevore(7b Al)

I have my trade list going--I'm going to be bringing a lot of the same stuff
to try to give away. I know many of y'all say "anything unusual" on your want list,but I don't have too many of those yet. Just tryin' to keep stuff alive like everybody else.

By the way, I like the "Advisory" that shows up on the ordering form page of the Plant Delights catalog I'm looking through:

"ADVISORY: If you have already run your credit cards up to the limit, we suggest that you get a higher credit limit before reading through this catalog."

That guy seems to have a real sense of humor.


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STROBE(zn 7b)

i'm bringing mississippi mud cake.

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I noticed that you have updated your list. I am interested in your coreopsis creme brulee. If it is still available, please take a look at my (updated) list and see if there is anything you want.

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Be sure to check my updated list.

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birdlady_10(z7b Ala)

Think I'll bring cold sandwiches. The sandwiches will be a variety.Condiments on the side as everyone doesn't like mayo :o)

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I want to come but the heat we had this summer about killed everything and I am to afraid to dig anything up that is half alive. Might have some calla lilies white one. I know the lady who used to work at Mont. college said she wanted some, does anyone know who I am talking about? Will have some striped grass that Susan gave me a couple of years ago cant remember the name of it.

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Daisy-Mae (Irene) works at the Univ. of Montevallo.

The grass is Miscanthus sinensis "Variegatus".


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STROBE(zn 7b)

Hey Y'all,

I will be coming to the swap and Blake is pretty sure he'll be coming with me. I will have the trades I pre-arranged with Nelson, Wayne, & Jan.
My computer has died (yet again), and I in the process of helping my dad move and trying to sell my house, so I probably won't be able to get to a computer to arrange any more trades.
And I will have mississippi mud cake.


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