HAVE: Fall 2008 Swap - Here is my List & Swaps

tsmith2579(7B)August 20, 2008

**************Updated 20 August 2008****************


Butterfly (pink with recurved, spidery-like tips on bloom versicolor pink

Charles Grimaldi yellow, one bloom perfumes a yard

******************Hardy banana trees*******************

****************Updated 20 August 2008****************

Musa Basjoo - Hardiest banana tree

Musella Lasiocarpa (3) yellow lotus blooming banana ************************HIBISCUS***************************

**************Updated 20 August 2008***********************

Malviviscus arboreus - Two year old plants, were pruned back for winter storage in greenhouse. Some bloomed in 2007 - cut and paste to see pix.(http://www.fp.sfasu.edu/jamesvankley/PineywoodsPlants/Eudicotyledons/Malvaceae%5Cmedium_Malvaviscus_arboreus3.jpg)


Hardy hibiscus seedlings - Mixed Varieties - Mostly pink & red


**************Updated 20 August 2008**********************

4 silvery-purple-lavender wisteria 3 gal pot (3 ft tall)

**************Elephant Ears*****************************

*************Updated 20 August 2008*********************

Illustris - green with black veining

Alocasia macrorrhiza - large plants

Blue Giant - teal green leaves and stems-small starter plants which grow fast

Elepiao - variegated stems and leaves

Xanthosoma sagittifolia


Trades Pending

TO WAYNE - musa basjoo, blue giant EE.

FROM WAYNE - Var. Lace cap

TO LYNN - colocasia lauterbachiana - 1

TO NELSON - colocasia lauterbachiana - 3

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I have a pot of colocasia Black Magic elephant ears someone may want. Let me know. I also have an indoor gardenia plant that blooms all year with single, fragrant, white flowers.


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