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ourhighlandhomeSeptember 15, 2007

These are the trades (on my end) that I've made thus far for next weekend (9/22/07). Please let me know if I've omitted anything or anyone.

Annette: (just sticking this here in hopes of luring you to the swap! LOL!) Musa 'mannii' (3-gal. pot), Cissus 'discolor' (vigorous, 1-gal. pot), unknown variegated xanthosoma (originally from Terry) that is absolutely beautiful (variegated leaves and stems, wink, wink!)

Arlene: (see above)

Jackie: Agave 'Blue Steel' (lg. pup), Musa 'mannii' pup

Terry: Xanthosoma 'Dwarf Green', Colocasias 'Big Dipper' and 'Yellow Splash'

Todd: Alocasia 'cucullata' (we don't have an "official" trade, but I volunteered to bring you this one next time we met)

Wayne: Acanthus 'Summer Beauty (3 sm. pots), Agave 'Blue Steel' (lg. pup), Agapanthus 'orientalis praecox' (3-gal. pot), hedera colchica (Persian ivy - rooted cuttings), Colocasia 'Yellow Splash'

(Jan and Tony - I hope to see ya'll tomorrow.)

I'll bring enough 'Chicago Harlequin' colocasia for the above trades, plus a few extras (and one for Susan, to feed her "addiction"!). I should have a couple of small pots of established Rex begonia vines (cissus 'discolor') for something out of the ordinary.

Not sure what to bring for lunch. Has anyone volunteered for plates, utensils, napkins, cups, etc.? IF NOT I'll bring them, or some yet-to-be-determined dead animal flesh. Yum.

Nelson ;-)

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