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illiana(7)September 9, 2008

Hi IÂm Chris and I'm new so bear with me. This will be my first Swap.

I have some things for exchange.

11 Mums Yellow

13 Mums Orange (my husband bought me extra ;-))

Orange Day Lilies as many as I am requested to dig

Pachysandra as mush as requested to bring

Yellow Cannas

Red Cannas

15 Water Hyacinth

15 Frog Bit

2 Water Snowflake Yellow

4 Creeping Jenny

2 Lemon Balm

1 Taro

5 bags of Fairy Moss

10 Water Celery

4 Parrots Feather

2 Black Taro

Iris light Blue or Yellow not sure which is where will dig as requested.

I am bringing:

Todd Pachysandra in exchange for TX Star Hibiscus

Linda Orange Day Lilies in exchange for Dwarf Crested Iris

I am just getting my 3 ½ acre yard planted so I am interested in lots of things. I love anything that is a perennial. I have lots of sun and shade and I am not real sure where to start so any advice is appreciated. I was blessed when I met Jan (birdlady_10) and she told me about the plant swap. I have a large water garden that is coming together nicely as well and I hope to have completed any day now ;-).

I will be bringing some of the other things on the list to trade on the spot.

IÂm excited to meet everyone Saturday.


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birdlady_10(z7b Ala)

Chris; Please bring me a bit of yellow water snowflake.Do I have anything you want? Just email me.

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Welcome Chris, my trade list may interest you- if so, I would trade for any daylilies, iris, and yellow cannas:-)

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Chris, I would be interested in some of your water plants for my pond. Please see my list although incomplete to see if anything of interest where we can trade.
I woud be interested in: yellow snowflake unless Jan wants both. She really needs more plants :O) Just kidding Jan.
Also the water celery and fairy moss.

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Hey Chris,
I would love to have some of your Parrot Feather, Frog bit and Yellow Water Snowflake. I'll bring you the Dwarf Crested Iris - pick out some more stuff you want from my list. Linda

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Linda- If you have these still, Mayapple, Trillium cuneatum (Native), and just any one of the day lilies you were offering.

Daffodillady- If still available, Hosta, Ipomea Carnea, and Brugmansia.

Lynn- If available, Green Japanese Maple, Ginger, and Crocsmia

Jan I will call or email you I have been meaning to get by there this week.

Today I also came into 5 double orange blooming Daylilies please let me know if any one is interested.


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Chris, it is so good that you are coming. I look forward to meeting you. Take a look at my list to see if you want anything. - Terry Smith

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You have several things that I would be interested in I love the varieties of Elephant Ears, I like big green leafy things ;-) I would love some of your Alocasia macrorrhiza if you have any left if there is anything on my list that you are interested in.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting you

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i am new .my 1st day ,12/26/08 will some one tell me how things work.
where is this exchange meeting.any one who has anything to share i would appreciate as i am just getting started .i love flowers of any kind.and if anyone knows about building raised beds please e-mail me at cdc4177@aol.com. my husband is in wheelchair and we are trying to figure out how.also i live in southern al so i would like to converse with anyone interested. god bless and good growing to you.

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Chris.. I have a Tx star hibiscus will trade. What exactly is Todd Pachysandra? I know what a pachysandra is but not familiar with this particular one.

I know what you mean, last fall I just moved onto 3 1/2 acres myself and am trying to get it going as much as possible. It can be kinda overwhelming!

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