HAVE: Merry Christmas and elephant ears...

debbido(z 7b/8a)November 26, 2005

Hi All! I am looking for some specific items for my kids this holiday season. Please take a look at my Wants section on my trade page. I have several elephant ear varieties that I am willing to trade.

C. Violet Stemmed

C. Illustris

X. Dwarf green (this is cute cute)

C. Chicago harlequin

C. Black magic

X. Sagitifolia

X. Lime Zinger

A. Black Stemmed

A. Metallica

A. Odora

C. Bloody Mary

X. Violaceum

A. Wentii


C. Gigantea

I also have tons of other plants as well that can be traded.

Canna Pink Beauty

Canna Indica Indian Shot

Canna King Humbert

Canna dwarf yellow

Canna Black stemmed





Yarrow - white or pink

Hardy Hibiscus - Diso Belle, Texas, Burgundy

Brugmansia - Pink Equador

Zebra Grass

Umbrella Palm

Horsetail Rush

Purple verbena

Butterfly ginger - white

Sprirea - pink dwarf or Bridal Wreath

Forsythia - tons



etc, etc, etc, ...

Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas!


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