Is it too late/early to move prennials?

keepingon(8)January 12, 2014

I need to finish moving (not divide) some prennials. Seems it will be nice for the next week and probably no more 72 hr freezes this winter.

What is the chance I can move these without certain death?: candytuft, hosta, daylily, bearded iris??

My ground is very soft now so I should be able to get the rootball intact. Many tks for any opinions...

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All the ones you mentioned are really tough plants that can take a lot of abuse. I wouldn't worry.

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I was forced to divide about 40 irises several days before the "deep freeze" last week. So far they all look good, but only time will tell.

Sometimes situations in life force you to do what is unwise and unconventional. They may not bloom this Spring, but if they survive to bloom next year I'll be satisfied.

Good luck!


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Bearded Iris can handle being frozen quite well, a common plant much farther north. They do best if lifted every few years and set back on the surface anyway. They pull themselves under (where they can rot,) suicidal I guess, and wind blows grit and leaves around to bury them. I've not had much trouble with lack of blooms after doing this, quite the opposite, both here in AL and when I lived in OH.

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Thanks all for your experiences. Last week Weather Channel had predicted some warmer days ahead, then changed their mind. Was run inside today by 15 mph frosty winds!

Nelson, was horrified to read about your poor iris getting zapped, but then PnO said they will not mind being frozen. That's really good to know. Nothing beats advice from those who have been there and don' it! Thanks again,

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I knew that irises could take abuse, but I didn't have that much experience or luck with them, until the past 3-4 years.

I do have another bed of about 30 "Autumn Circus" that need to be divided/moved before Spring. I guess I'll take the plunge now and do it. If anyone wants some divisions let me know - I'll be glad to share. "Autumn Circus" is a heavy rebloomer throughout the Fall season for me (and the reason I gambled on growing irises again).

Thanks for the info!


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Nelson, I was replying to your offer of iris division, but it got so long sending a PM instead...Michel

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