ok lets try again

loveofmylife680(z7)January 9, 2006

Has anyone got pictures to post of the front of their house, the landscape design.Trying to get some ideas.

Thanks Jill

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john_trussville(z7b AL)


Maybe someone will post some pics for you; I hope they do. But I really think you could get alot more ideas by going to a Home Depot or Lowes, a big bookstore, even Walmart and look at their landscape design books. There should be many, by Southern Living, Sunset, Ortho, Bettter Homes & Gardens, and other publishers. Some of these books have great pics but don't do a good job at identifying the plants in the pics, but some do...just keep looking. Also, another idea might be to drive around neighborhoods & find yards that appeal to you. If you see one you like I wouldn't hesitate to knock on a door & ask the homeowner a few questions. I think most would be flattered that their yard stood out amongst others in the neighborhood.
In your other post you asked about Classic Gardens. Am I correct to assume that you're referring to Classic Gardens & Landscape in Centerpoint? If so, I know that Mike Pender has been in business a long time and as far as I know has a great reputation. But I would also suspect that he charges top dollar. Could you get the same job done by someone else & save money? Probably, just make sure you ask for & check references.
Finally, I would imagine the reason that no one has posted any pics for you, is because we're all kind of a special breed here. We're plant nuts who are never satisfied with our yards & always want more, more, more. What I'm trying to say is, I doubt if many of us here have that "professionally landscaped" look that you may be going for. My yard certainly doesn't.

Hope some of this helps. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply, I just wanted to see some pics. For my front yard I do want a neat look and low maint. I am at lost on what to do, the backyard is my heaven a little bit of every thing, no certain look. I quess you can say I like order on the frontside but plant chaos on the backyard lol But thanks for the reply. I am just getting right in front of the house done not the whole yard, wish I did have that kind of money.

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Well Jill I'm one of those that doesn't know how to do the pics. BUT I really don't know of a yard I would call low maintenance. Flower beds have to be constructed where the grass won't get into it, then watered, fertilized and weeded. Alot of the flowers have to be deadheaded to encourage new growth and blooms.
What about burhams using flowering trees and shrubs and place some statues to accent certain areas. A lot will depend on the area as to flat, sloping, treed, full sun, shade, etc and the area size you are talking about.
I agree to go look at yards but in older well kept areas. New homes have the landscaping in with the cost and are pretty much the same. In older areas you see how it will look established. If you talk to them ask questions about the plants. AND they may even share with you as they need to thin out some beds.
I strongly suggest that whatever you do, have it marked and the flower beds ready for planting before you buy. That way you can picture your area when looking for plants.
Good Luck

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I'm no landscape expert, but believe you have received some good advice in the 2 posts above. Once you find several landscape photos where you like the look, take those to the person who will be doing the work and start a dialog with him on what you want. Your source for those photos can be the suggestions above (books, neighbors landscapes, magazines, etc). If you have some particular favorite plants in mind, let the landscaper know, and they can advise on suitability for your situation. Also, start an "ugly file" - that is the stuff or the look you don't want. It as as much an indicator of what you want as the "good" photos.

As to how to post photos. Take a few good shots of the front of your home from several angles. You can go to a site like Photobucket and upload the images to a file. There will be 3 lines shown below your photo (URL, Tag, Img). Copy the Tag line and paste it into your message. Once you preview the message, it should show up. Here is the front entrance of our house to show you how it works.

You might also try posting your photos on the Landscape Design forum for ideas. There are a lot of professional LAs & LDs who frequent that forum. I'd take a look there at a few posts first to see what type of information they prefer you provide such as photos.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I haven't read all of the comments above, but just wanted to make a statement about John's inquiry about saving money on someone other than the company you've asked about. A great reputation is founded on well satisfied customers. That is worth top dollar.

Happy customers are those that aren't merely happy with the appearance of their design one day after the installation. They are pleased with the communication, with the staff, with the VALUE of their investment, and with the results after one, five, and ten years. Find someone like that, and pay them what they are worth.

YOU need to drive around and take pictures yourself. You can come up with some likes and dislikes, at least. Don't forget, the front landscaping is the what the world sees. It is also what greets YOU every time you drive up to your home. It needs to be welcoming and open. No plants should visually or physically 'barricade' the front entrance of the home, or any part of the front. A landscape design should surround the home rather than shield it.

There are hundreds and hundreds of easy to maintain ornamentals of every description, as well as terrific perennials that add interest and dynamics to a landscape. Do some reading in the library before contacting your design company.

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These are all such good ideas. Wanted to suggest too that once your photos are taken of your house, overlay with tracing paper and roughly sketch in sun/shade areas and then some plantings, shrubs and small tree(s). Fun to play around with various shapes and forms...tall/narrow or low/rounded, etc.

I'm going to disagree a little with Rhizo's statement, "No plants should visually or physically 'barricade' the front entrance of the home, or any part of the front." I'd agree generally but prefer to plan our garden for our specific needs/privacy. For example at our former home, a 1950's ranch house set far back on a wooded lot, the huge front 'picture window' and the screened porch on one end of house were too open to passersby (I don't like window coverings in daytime). I planted a small grove of dogwoods to shield the left-hand portion of our house and tie in better with the side yard filled with mature trees. Didn't cut us off completely but gave a sheltered feeling we liked to our main living space. (Plus we preferred looking at our Dogwoods to looking at cars going by and houses across the street.) This was in an older neighborhood of huge lots...wouldn't work in so many other locations, nor suit other folks perhaps~~smile.

Just mentioned this to suggest that you consider your views from inside the house as well as street view and to plan your garden for your specific house. No one plan fits all. Another suggestion...visit nurseries now when they aren't too busy and look for plants with good winter color, branch structure, berries, etc. for winter interest. Plus the staff have more time now to answer your questions.

Good luck...I envy you a little starting fresh...josh

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I am having the front done monday. Thanks for everyones input, here is a list of plants going on the front might not have it laid out correct cant find my plans but here is the list.The front door is off center on the house, on the ends he plans on nellie r. 2 youpons at the sides of the steps,2 camellia's on the larger side I think 2 gardenias cant remember where, 6-loropetalum's ,12-dwarf nadina's on the front row. Wish I could find the plans. The house gets morning sun shaded during the hot part of the day then sun about 3pm in the summer. My house is rectangle shape about 2000 sq. feet red w\orange tones bricks, with the darker bricks. Oh I almost forgot my prized PINK dogwood tree it is set to the side of the steps on the larger section of the house about 9ft from the house I assume it is an old tree, trunk is about 30inch in dia. my house was built in 1958 plan on planting flowers there this spring oh another ? to ask what to plant lol
When it is all done will beg my sweet hubby to post pictures. I really do enjoy all the replies Thank everyone.


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jazzbone(7 AL)

WOW! A dogwood with a 30" diameter trunk. I'ld like to see that! Post a picture when you can.

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Before you get those Nellie R Stevens hollies planted, make sure you know how close to your house they will be planted. There is a recent thread on this forum that talks about getting rid of hollies. I'd ask what the mature size of these hollies will be. Same for the lorapetalums. They are nice looking but can grow out of bounds unless you keep them trimmed back or have a dwarf variety.

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I would like to see that dogwood too.

As Elaine says check out those holly bushes you are going to plant. I finally had my hubby bring in a backhoe and dig mine up. They were supposed to grow small and round so I planted them under the windows on the front of my house. NOT!! I had to cut them back every year. They got to be monsters.

I ended up planting boxwoods under the windows. Easy to trim and keep inline. I also have boxwoods in front of my porch. I was looking for something easy to grow and cheap as my porch is 35 feet long and 3 feet tall.

Looking forward to seeing those pictures.

I am like you about wanting the front of the house planned and neat but the backyard is just a hodgepodge. Planted for the butterflies and hummingbirds.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Josh, you and I actually do agree. I wasn't very clear in my comments, that's for sure.

There are very good methods of creating a sense of privacy and security by creative landscaping. One can even shield those big front windows from prying eyes. It just doesn't have to be with a barricade of plant material right smack up to the front door, which is what I hate to see.

Bringing the large plants away from the front entrance is the key, and it sounds like you've done that perfectly at your home.

I've seen so many homes where I was never certain where to go to ring a doorbell! That's what I meant by that darned fortress syndrome.

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Rhizo, Glad you understood. The little grove of dogwoods actually was to the far left of long low house, but left our front walk to entrance door and wide bedroom wing on right open to view. As mentioned, we had deep lot, with perhaps 15feet from road to Dogwoods, then another 15 feet to house, so it just broke up space in deep front yard. Tried to give impression Dogwoods just spread naturally out from group of mature Pines in large side yard.

Jill, didn't mean to hijack thread, just wanted to mention thinking about view from inside, too. I also would ask about ultimate height/spread of plants especially Hollies near house. Good luck. josh

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I ended up canceling the job decided we needed to save the money more for the front steps to be repaired, because the house was built in 1958 and the steps would of looked bad. So we are going to get that done this summer. Sorry for not posting a reply had forgotten about it and was disappointed it did not work out but the steps need to be done fisrt.

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