Do they know something we don't?

tweetypye(z8/sc AL)January 28, 2008

I have a bluebird box out back that I can see easily from my bathroom window. I glanced out this morning and a pair of Eastern Bluebirds were doing their spring cleaning it seems....hmmmm....does that mean that springs just around the corner, maybe? I sure hope so. :)


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I hope we don't have a "false Spring" like we did last year. Everything started to leaf out and then, boom!, a hard freeze.

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

I know, nothing here was hurt by it, but I know lots of people had damage from it. Hopefully that won't be the case this year.

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i hope not either. last year i bought vincas 6pks as soon as they came into lowe's and home depot. i love how bushy they get and the make a good border around trees and large shrubs. anyway, i had to hurry to get them covered with plastic bags since i don't have a greenhouse. the silver lining in a false spring is that the damaged plants get marked way down.

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When do Bluebirds start nesting? As early as February  April for the first nesting.
You may want to inspect the box.
First day of spring: March 20.

These two BBs spent the night in this box on one of the nights when temps dropped to 18°

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