good roses for S Alabama

WannaBGardener(8b & 4a)February 28, 2005

I have checked all the Rose Forums and can not find one that gives good choices for Lower South Alabama. Hope some of you can drop a few names of easy care roses. IF there is such a thing. Are in the process of doing a Rose garden, and would like some tried and true suggestions.

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i don't have that many left. most of them have proved to be too much maintenance for fungus control.
the most rewarding that remains is a large, robust shrub named 'sir thomas lipton'. it is an heirloom rose with mildly fragrant white flowers of a loose form that is basically a once bloomer(mid-spring). it may offer a smaller, second flush in late summer if it gets supplemental water.
one other plant that i enjoy for the fragrance is 'mccartney rose'. it is a very tall, upright bush with perfectly formed buds that open to seriously fragrant hot pink flowers of few petals. it is blackspot resistant.
need lots of room for both of these.
visit (jemison, al) and check out their old garden rose recommendations. he sells roses that are supposed to work well in the southeast.
you can email them directly for more suggestions.

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Here are a few for your consideration: climbers 'Don Juan', 'Cecile Brunner' and Rosa cornus; more shrub-like 'Double Delight' and Rosa mutabilis. All of these have been easy and dependable here in my garden, and I've got possibly the worst drainage anywhere. R. cornus, R. mutabilis, 'Cecile Brunner' and 'Double Delight' are all highly fragrant.

PS, 'Seven Sisters' is also extremely happy here but it's so vigorous that it's a menace.

Rosa canina 'Don Juan'

Rosa mutabilis             'Double Delight'

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Are you familiar with David Austin's English roses? They do quite well for me and I love them because each and everyone of them are fragrant. I find they have less problems with fungus than hybrid teas, etc. Most are a combination of antique and modern roses. I have been to England to his gardens and it was almost like being in heaven.A good control for black spot, etc. is a box of baking soda in Ortho Dial-N-Spray sprayer. Fill with water and put on 8 oz. Need to shake constantly to keep baking soda in solution. The sprayer has a nozzle that rotates and makes it easy to spray under the leaves. Be sure and spray the ground around rose bush to kill fungus on leaves that have fallen.

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Tea roses are supposed to do well in this area. Antique rose emporium has a good selection. I ordered the McClinton tea from them last year. It has been doing very well. Not a bit of black spot, but it got some mildew during the cool weather last spring. They list it as a "found" rose instead of tea. Mrs. B.R. Cant is also supposed to do well.
I have a couple of Austin roses in the yard as well. They are "Mayflowers". They have been free of blackspot and other diseases. Only thing is that they haven't done much growing. Maybe it is the heat.
You can also check with your county extension agents office.
They may some info to help you out.
Hope this can be of help to you. Good luck with the roses.

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WannaBGardener(8b & 4a)

Thank you all for the info. I decided on three Tea's (one of them is Blue Girl) Blaze for a climber, and also one Don Juan. Also have a yellow Lady Banks. Will let you know how they work out. My friend has the Blue Girl and she leaves it un attended all summer and said it does well, so I am hopefull for that one. Our area for the rose garden is a secret garden enclosed by a picket fence, so the bunnies will not be able to nibble on them. Already a pair of C. Finches have set up house in the nest box there. Such a quiet peaceful area, if only the Roses will grow for me.

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joyb26(7b AL)

This may be a little late, since you've made choices already, but I asked for suggestions for roses that do well in AL last week over in the Rose forum, and got some additional suggestions to the ones listed here.

I ordered "Belinda's Dream" on the advice of those posts. Hope this helps.

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Hi, Jan. Got your cute e-mails. LOL.

Canman. You are from my part of the country. I grow about 300 roses, and many teas, noisettes and a couple of chinas here and there. They are great roses for any part of Alabama and the Chinas are particularly good in LA (lower Alabama) because that is getting to be more like Florida or Charleston weather.

Belinda's Dream is a great rose, and she gets big, just like the teas. None of them really need a lot of spraying and Jan's recipe will be fine for Chinas, teas and noisettes. If you grow a few roses, it is probably easier to control fungus than if you screwed your head on wrong and your eyes were bigger than your garden.

Jason Powell of PFTP carries all the-above named types of roses. Jason has a wonderful selection of teas, chinas, noisettes, polyanthias, hybrid musks, and modern antiques like Belinda's Dream.

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shaybass(z8 West Ctl AL)

I emailed Jason from Petal From the Past and told him where I lived, zone, what I wanted in the roses (rose bed, climbing, hedge for front yard, etc.) and he emailed me back with a list of roses that met my zone and other requirements. He was a big help.

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Wanna, sorry but neither Blue Girl, Don Juan or Blaze is a tea. Blue Girl is a hybrid tea. Blaze is a rambler and if you got Improved Blaze, it is a climber and Don Juan is a climbing hybrid tea. Tea roses are a totally different class.

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WannaBGardener(8b & 4a)

Guess I ran my roses togather. I know that Blaze and Don Juan are not Tea's. As for Blue Girl, (this may be a silly question) but is there a difference between a Tea and a HyBrid Tea? I am on the hunt for a Belindas Dream tomorrow.
Thanks for the help. I Wanna B (a rose) Gardener

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Wanna, Blue Girl is a hybrid tea. Hybrid teas came about (supposedly) through a cross of a hybrid perpetual and a tea rose by bee pollination. Tea roses belong to the old garden rose group, tea being a subgroup. The tea roses are prior to 1867. The whole group of hybrid teas was born thereafter. Blue Girl is one of the more modern, though not recent hybrid teas, and it is a good rose. I grow it and I get rid of dogs since I have in excess of 300 roses. I can afford to cull some from time to time.

Belinda's Dream is what most of us call a modern antique. It has the high form of a hybrid tea in its bloom, but the disease resistance of an old tea. It is, however, classified as a shrub rose and is one of the Earth Kind roses, meaning Texas A&M gives it a thumbs up for not requiring chemicals.

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sunshine_inLA(z8 AL)

My favorite rose is Katy Road Pink. It's an antique rose that blooms it's heart out Mar to Dec here in South Alabama. It's also easy to root.

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Katy Road Pink is not an antique rose. It is a very hardy rose, one of the Buck roses, Dr. Griffith Buck of Iowa State University's roses. Katy is actually Carefree Beauty, misnamed for years by someone until they realized it was the same rose. It is a very hardy rose, albeit not an old garden rose.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Floribundas are small clustered roses that do very well in my yard. I have several varietes of the Fairy that are beautiful and no spray. I prefer them to knockouts, which are another carefree shrub rose.

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kandm(8b coastal alabama)

Here is a list of roses being sold at the Mobile Botanical Gardens Plantasia Sale March 26th. They select plants that are native and/or well adapted to the high heat and humidity of the area.

Rosa 'Marechal Niel' Cl Rose, Cl, Marechal Niel Rose
Rosa 'Allamand Ho' Rose, Allamand Ho Rose
Rosa 'April Moon' Rose, April Moon Rose
Rosa 'Archduke Charles' Rose, Archduke Charles Rose
Rosa 'Aunt Honey' Rose, Aunt Honey Rose
Rosa 'Autumn Dusk' Rose, Autumn Dusk Rose
Rosa 'Baby Alberic' Rose, Baby Alberic Rose
Rosa 'Baby Blanket' Rose, Baby Blanket Rose
Rosa banksiae 'Alba' Rose, Lady Banks, White Rose
Rosa banksiae 'Yellow' Rose, Lady Banks, Yellow Rose
Rosa 'Belinda's Dream' Rose, Belinda's Dream Rose
Rosa 'Blush Noisette' Rose, Blush Noisette Rose
Rosa 'Cadenza' Cl Rose, Cl, Cadenza Rose
Rosa 'Caldwell Pink' Rose, Caldwell Pink Rose
Rosa 'Carefree Beauty' aka 'Katy Road Pink' Rose, Carefree Beauty, Katy Road Pink Rose
Rosa 'Clothilde Soupert' Rose, Clothilde Soupert Rose
Rosa 'Clothilde Soupert' Cl Rose, Cl, Clothilda Soupert Rose
Rosa 'Crepscule' Cl Rose, Cl, Crepscule Rose
Rosa 'Dame de Coeur' Rose, Dame de Coeur Rose
Rosa 'Don Juan' Cl Rose, Cl, Don Juan Rose
Rosa 'Dorcas' Rose, Dorcas Rose
Rosa 'Dublin Bay' Cl Rose, Cl, Dublin Bay Rose
Rosa 'Duchesse du Brabant' Rose, Duchesse du Brabant Rose
Rosa 'Earth Song' Rose, Earth Song Rose
Rosa 'El Catala' Rose, El Catala Rose
Rosa 'Gee Whiz' Rose, Gee Whiz Rose
Rosa 'Gertrude Jekyll' Rose, Gertrude Jekyll Rose
Rosa 'Les Sjulin' Rose, Les Sjulin Rose
Rosa 'Louis Phillippe' Rose, Louis Phillippe Rose
Rosa 'Lovers Delite' Rose, Lovers Delite Rose
Rosa 'Mary Rose' Rose, Mary Rose Rose
Rosa 'Mini Red Cascade' Cl Rose, Cl Mini Red Cascade Rose
Rosa 'Mme Isaac Pierrier' Rose, Mme Isaac Pierrier Rose
Rosa 'Mrs. B. R. Cant' Rose, Mrs. B. R. Cant Rose
Rosa 'Mutabilis' Rose, Mutabilis Rose
Rosa 'Pink Don Juan' Cl Rose, Cl, Pink Don Juan Rose
Rosa 'Pink Double Knockout' Rose, Pink Double Knockout Rose
Rosa 'Prairie Sunset' Rose, Prairie Sunset Rose
Rosa 'Quietness' Rose, Quietness Rose
Rosa 'Scepter'd Isle' Rose, Scepter'd Isle Rose
Rosa 'Seminole Wind' Cl Rose, Cl, Seminole Wind Rose
Rosa 'Silver Shadows' Rose, Silver Shadows Rose
Rosa 'Souvenir de la Malmaison' Cl Rose, Cl, Souvenir de la Malmaison Rose
Rosa 'Sunsprite' Rose, Sunsprite Rose
Rosa 'Tamora' Rose, Tamora Rose
Rosa 'The Fairy' Rose, The Fairy Rose
Rosa 'Wild Ginger' Rose, Wild Ginger Rose
Rosa 'Wildeve' Rose, Wildeve Rose
Rosa 'Zephirine Drouhin' Cl Rose, Cl, Zephirine Drouhin Rose
Rosa 'Chuckles' Rose, Chuckles Rose
Rosa 'Folksinger' Rose, Folksinger Rose
Rosa 'OSO Easy Paprika' Rose, OSO Easy Paprika Rose
Rosa 'OSO Easy Peachy Cream' Rose, OSO Easy Peachy Cream Rose
Rosa 'OSO Easy Strawberry Crush' Rose, OSO Easy Strawberry Crush Rose
Rosa 'Sunny Knockout' Rose, Knockout, Sunny Rose
Rosa 'The Fairy' Rose, The Fairy Rose

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