rock wall help and rock available

michelle11(z7 AL)February 4, 2006

I am making a 1.5-2ft raised bed with rock that was excavated from a lot nearby. It is mostly the softer rock with veins of iron ore running through it, and some granite. It is very pretty but I am wondering if I am doing alot of hard work for something that will collapse on me in a couple of years? The rock required alot of jackhammering for them to excavate.

Also, the builder said that anyone is welcome to come get the rock and fill dirt, but it will have to be done within the next month before he hauls it away. If anyone is interested, send me an email and I will give you directions.


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If it is the really soft sandstone, it will crumble in a few years. I would look for the harder stuff to use in my wall. If the granite is not the color you want, you can buy ironite fertilizer, mix it with water and spray on the wall face. It will rust and turn brown. Copper spray will turn it blue-green.

I would like some of the rocks and fill dirt. Is this located somewhere around Birmingham?



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You can put some chicken wire between some of the bottom/support rocks and it will stand up..If the ground moves or settles under the rock wall it will crumble..So make sure you are building the wall on a stable settled foundation. We have a school near here that was build in 1940 the school has a rock wall built of sandstone and the wall still stands...Not sure if that is because of the amazing mortar or beceuse the site was stable or a combination of both...Some of the mortars that have synthetics in them are excellent long lasting bonders.

Granite rock is VERY durable...

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woody_ga(7a GA)

I built my first rock wall last winter. I decided to "pore" a foundation of rebar and 3-4 inches of concrete. Because I wanted the wall to look more like stacked stone, I put the morter mainly behind the rock. There is a little between the rocks. I also backed the wall with extra rock and some bricks in a couple of places. I wanted to make sure the wall would continue to stand.

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