Help with Mme pierre Oger

nprfanOctober 29, 2011

This is the third year I've had her, and she has only bloomed once with any enthusiasm, and those were lovely. Lots of big, tall canes now, none to very few flowers. My questions are: 1. what is the blooming habit of this rose, once a year, or is there a repeat? 2. When should I prune? Anything else about care and feeding would be helpful, since I don't really know much about it.

Also, does anyone pleeeease have a good remedy for thrips and botyritis, i am reduced to only looking at my roses from afar, 'cos up close they are ugly

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The answers to most of your questions will depend on your climate zone/humid or dry?, etc. If you don't know your zone just tell us the general geographic area where you are gardening. Turns out that roses act differently in different climates - really.


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I moved mine last year from a north east exposure to a west exposure and she is going gangbusters. Never looked quite so sweet before !!!

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try not to prune. my bourbons seem to pout after pruning and i have seen more blooms when i skip pruning

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jerijen(Zone 10)

REALLY. I know this is a glorious rose -- SOMEWHERE. NOT where I garden. So, you are where??

Coastal Ventura Co, SoCal

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This rose is a lovely one for me, I have three of them. It's slow to mature, but worth the wait.

I prune in spring time, but it can bloom well on twiggy wood, so I'm careful to not remove all twiggy growth.

I prune back long canes in spring time, not late summer or autumn.

I deadhead after blooming, to encourage repeat bloom. It does repeat bloom, but can rest a bit in the warmest time of summer.

It appreciates plenty of sun, and seems to thrive on organic fertilizers.

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mudbird(10 soCA)

I had a grafted Mme PO and it was one of the best bloomers in my zone 10 garden (coastal Los Angeles). The first 3 years it rusted badly, but I kept it for the exquisite flowers. About year 4, it strengthened and only rusted during seasonal changes. I let mine grow out into an arching shape - it made a slender graceful shrub with arching 7-9ft canes in its prime. There's regular dieback, so I pruned back the dead wood eventually removing the cane when it really started to fail. My grafted shrub lost its vigor after about 9 years, and I started an ownroot one this summer. It's an exquisite rose for both coloring - the flowers blush beautifully - and scent. One of my favorites. My Bourbons must be planted in the sunniest spots to thrive here in the coastal belt, it's just a little too cloudy and cool for most of them.

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