Do all types of Roses grow in Alabama?

chelsea_gardener(7b)February 20, 2006

We're getting ready to move to Alabama I love growing roses and lavender . Do they grow well in Alabama? Are certain types better to grow than others? I'm just thinking that the warm, humid summers probably contribute to lots of powdery mildew.

Do any of you grow roses and have any advice?

Terry in Hawaii

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I live in Georgia and am also moving to Alabama (Birmingham) next month where I am originally from. The climate in Atlanta is almost identical to most of Alabama unless you are moving to South AL were the biggest difference is hotter and more humidity in the summer down south.

I have just started growing roses so I'm not an expert by any means. So, for what it's worth this has been my experience. I do get dark mildew spots and this is what you have to do to control. Water early in the morning by the soaker method making sure to keep leaves dry. When you do see spots, cut the infected area immediately making sure that your shears have been sterilized after each cut. Do not leave any fallen leaves or cut stems on the ground. As soon as you see or cut any, discard as far away from the bushes as possible. This helps, but it is hard to control, at least for me. Other more experienced growers may have better methods. I also spray with fungicides and use systemic granules with minimum success.

The biggest threat to my roses has been japanese beetles. These horrible insects show up in the beginning of June and last until the end of June, however, last year I had them for 2 months. They eat every rose in site until the rose looks like a piece of lace when and if it gets to open. I sprayed, smashed and anything else anyone suggested to no avail. You just about have to let them run the course. I have been away from Alabama for about 3 years now and was not growing roses then, so I'm not sure if the beetle problem is as bad there, but I know they are there as well. My Aunt lives in Birmingham and has them as well every June, on other plants.

I have different varieties of roses and they have all done well. I must say that aside from the problems I mentioned above, they are beautiful.

Good luck!

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michelle11(z7 AL)

Roses and lavendar both do well in the Birmingham area-just go to the botanical gardens and look at their plants!
I hate spraying, so I tend to be very picky about which roses I grow so as to avoid blackspot and mildew problems. I have found meiliand roses consistantly do well, but give them lots of space! They seems to thrive on neglect. I agree with sav2005 about the JB. I just go out every morning for about 2 weeks with a large mouth bottle with water in it-place it under the JB, gently shake the plant, and they drop off into the water. This seems to keep the damage to a minimum for me.
Good luck! I love the south in the spring.

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Yes Roses grow well here....My Favorite is the Tiffany Rose because that is my Daughter's name...This rose does well.. I did have problems with Japanese Beetles but I found a Female Praying Mantis on a tennis court a few years ago...Transplanted her to my rose garden and WAH LA no more Japanese Beetles..

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Terry, Alabama is a long state that encompasses several completely unique climate zones. In some areas, you will never see a Japanese beetle, for example. Palm trees and Spanish moss are typical of the semi-tropical areas, while those of us up here near the Tennessee border enjoy a wonderful temperate deciduous forest, occasional snow (and ice). You will get the best advice if you let us know the general area to which you are going to be moving.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alabama extension offices

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Thanks so much for all of your thoughtful responses. We are moving to Anniston, so I understand that to be zone 7b.
I had about 75 rose bushes in Oregon and I miss them terribly. I had a Tiffany bush once that I moved from one house to another and it did quite well. I also love David Austen roses and would like to try a Lady Banks too if I can find the space. I'm glad to hear that lavender does well there also. I had planted flats of 4inch plants around my rose bed before we moved to Hawaii and I never got to see it in it's full glory.
We didn't have Japanese Beetle problems in Oregon so that will be a new challenge. Thanks michelle11 for the water trick. I get tired of spraying too, but roses are something that seem to always require more than less. I can hardly wait to visit the Birmingham Botanical gardens. It's on my list of places to visit this spring.
Aloha, Terry

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I have actually had blooms on my Roses (Tiffany) in November here...When I lived in Indiana years ago I had one and it bloomed in November too while there was snow on the ground.

I have lived in a lot of States...throughout my life.

I do not know what the ground is like in Anniston..It is RED clay here..And I think black in Birmingham, am I right about that ???

Attracting birde to your yard can help with insects too..we get swarms of lady bugs in spring and fall; so much so that they end up in my house on the ceiling...Lady Bugs eat aphids...

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