Plant Odyssey is closing

browneyedsusan_gw(8a)February 1, 2013

Libby has decided to retire. I feel sad to see Plant Odyssey close and told Libby so. She replied "Sad? Why are you sad? I am glad to have made a worthwhile contribution". Libby is truly an amazing person and there is no other place like Plant Odyssey in Birmingham.
Everything has been marked down to sell- to 50% of the original cost. If you have time please stop by to say goodbye to Libby and to let her know what a difference she has made.


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When the Plant Odyssey first opened, I would walk pass there five days a week on my way to technical college and often pay a visit (most often I would "pay" after each visit! Libby took pleasure in reminding me of those days, and how one particular banker refused a "little woman" a loan because her dream of a nursery was "insane".

Her reply to you is so TYPICAL of Libby. You could love her and despise her at the same time (but mostly love her)! At her beginning she was at the forefront of women's rights, civil rights, gay rights, the rights of the handicapped, etc. A proud, progressive business owner who wasn't afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve at the risk of offending a few.

Since moving away, the Plant Odyssey is the only excuse I've had to visit Birmingham for 15 years; now I have none. It's the sad closing of one of my life's chapters.

Thank you, Libby Rich Etheridge, for making such a "worthwhile contribution". You're "odyssey" will forever be remembered.

Love and peace to you, my friend....

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tedevore(7b Al)

I have loved being able to stop by Libby's nursery and visit with her parrots
and buy plants on my lunch breaks. It helped my nerves immensely!

I told her some of us will probably be sending her some pictures showing how plants she helped provide over the years made our gardens better. I also picked up a HUGE glazed ceramic pot that I'm sure would have been $250 at Myers for $80. And some plants too of course,

She must have quite an aviary at home, as she says she is taking all of those parrots home with her!

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