Hope for Spring

haley45(7b)February 18, 2010

I saw a daffodil in full bloom while driving through Birmingham's Southside today! I guess there is hope for Spring yet!!! That's exactly why daffodils are my favorite flowers.

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tedevore(7b Al)

I can't wait to see the bloodroot bloom in the woods and the redbuds start popping. My hope for this spring is that it starts a gardening year that is not so "exceptional." 2007 was exceptionally dry, with all the reservoirs drying up.
2009 was exceptionally crazy-wet with rainfall amounts. 2010 has been
exceptionally cold for winter. I'd like a nice, sort of less "extreme" year,
if that hasn't gone out of style with mother nature.

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swjonthebay(8b Alabama)

Well, the flowering cherries and plums have come. And this past week I've seen the first pollen 'bloom'....the scuzzy yellow film on the pond at work. ;)

My daffs were up and got bit by the Jan. cold...we'll see what they have to say (or not) about that cold treatment. No blooms yet so I'm not holding much hope.

Now if the temps would only cooperate with all of the other signs. *sigh*

Sheesh, doesn't Ma Nature know I've got toms to set out?!?!?

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catbird(z7 AL)

I was checking out the garden this afternoon (it was sunny, but still cold) and was cheered to see blooms opening on the lower branches of my flowering quince near the ground where I guess it's warmer. The daffs are budding here in NoAL, but only one has opened so far. Need to check on the bloodroots and mayapples out back. We could do with a nice, ordinary summer. I almost said normal, but what is that in AL?

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I've had daffodils in full bloom for over a week. They are in a very sunny spot. The were breaking ground when the real cold weather came in January but it didn't seem to slow them down.

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Yes, we need Spring NOW! My Key lime tree is in full bloom. There were one or two days last week when I left the greenhouse door open during the day but that is not enough to ensure good pollination. I had 2 or 3 limes which dropped off 2 years ago from about a dozen blooms. One lime from about a dozen blooms which got knocked off coming out the greenhouse door last year. This year the tree is covered with hundreds of blooms but it is too cold for the bees to get busy. Ahhh, Spring. Wherefore art thou, nymph of nature. I need fresh Key limes for those late summer beverages.

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One more thing to note. My trilliums are peeking through the leaf litter.

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I FINALLY got to spend a couple of hours in the glorious sun yesterday doing a little deferred spring cleaning. I was excited to see how much stuff was emerging. And then it starting snowing again this morning! Will winter never end? I have a bad case of spring fever!

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