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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)February 9, 2014

I am again going to try to grow eggplants, despite the onslaught of flea beetles. Alabamanicole, I was just doing some research and saw you'd been in a discussion on how to control these pests on eggplant. Did you try that pepper spray? I really want to avoid any chemicals but am wiling to get goggles and use pepper spray! I love eggplant that much! And I know of a great website for eggplant recipes!

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No, I didn't try the spray. My notes say the flea beetle problem resolved itself -- I guess something came in and ate them. That was the last year I grew eggplants; I don't care for them so it's silly to grow them!

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I successfully grow 3 types of eggplant despite flea beetles... My leaves look a bit polka dotted but I get lots of eggplants for a long season. Here are the methods I use:

First I use transplants... Let them grow larger so they establish quickly when you plant them... Flea beetles will tear em to the ground if you plant baby transplants or direct sow.

I plant of flea beetle yummies under my eggplant... They like radishes and greens... Mustard specifically. This distracts them. I also use neem or garlic spray to make my eggplant taste bad.

I also disturb the top layer of soil A LOT in an attempt to expose the eggs.

For the last two years both my tomatillos and my eggplants have had seriously spotty leaves but have had high yields.

Hope this is helpful!


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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

I had read that the radish and green "bait" plants did not work... but I will try it. How do you make your garlic spray? BTW, I do plan to bring a few eggplant transplants to the spring swap. I just ordered the seeds, so if I get good germination I will have excess seedlings. Interested?

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Well... I can't say the green bait works... I can only say I harvest lots of eggplants and tomatillo ... They eat the radish to ground... I figure they fill up on the low stuff.

I make my garlic spray with about a quart of warm water. I blend a whole bulb of garlic to a fine paste along with a small yellow onion. I let it set over night then pour it over a cloth to strain. I usually add a generous tsp of Cheyenne and a few tsp of dawn. Shake and put in mister... I use a pump model. Mix last a long while if not exposed to direct sun. I guess there is no telling what works best but I have been very successful. I would love some transplants. What kind? Maybe we can trade types.. I like black beauty...mostly because it peaks late season, Japanese white and erdirne (sp?). It a small striped variety. I'm open to something new. I will say I had a terrible tomato year last year and my winter garden has been the pits. Summer and winter moisture...arrrggggh. Kim

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

By Cheyenne, do you mean cayenne?

I grow Oriental eggplants. I've ordered Pingtung., Fengyuan, Louisana Long Green, and Malaysian Red. I may order some more from Sand Hill, these are from Baker Creek.

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Yes... Cayenne. Spelling has never been a strong point. I guess I should run things through spell check... But what fun is that?

I'd love to try a new variety.

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I brought some eggplant seeds back from Turkey last year. They were, by far, the best eggplant I've ever eaten, if not the most productive plants (quality for quantity, I guess).

I'm pretty sure I can find seed packet. I'll happily send some seeds if someone wants to try to germinate them. It shouldn't be too difficult, although they may take a bit longer.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

I would certainly like to try them!

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