Anyone gardening in the Roberstdale area?

kept(6)February 20, 2013

I was wondering if there were any gardeners from the Robertsdale area specifically, Silverhill. We are planning on moving there in a year or so.

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JWW_1(8B / 9A Foley, AL)

I am getting started in Foley with raised beds. Used to help parents with row gardening while growing up in Mississippi. I got bit by the garden bug this year and have a few beds already. Planning on a larger install this fall or winter.

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That sounds great! Please let me know how it goes for you. What plants you have success with and what types that may be differnent from what your used to.
When visiting our sons in Gulf Shores I picked up a Meyer Lemon start and have been nursing it here in St Louis area. It is doing beautifully due to a great sunroom for growing in winter. It loves water and I bury the clay pot in the ground during the summer and it grows like gangbusters. When we move down to your area I'll find it a permanent place outside.
How did you do finding a place to live? I have been looking and hoping we will be able to find something outside of town where we will have a little space around us.

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JWW_1(8B / 9A Foley, AL)

I have grown tomatoes every year since we bought our house (actually moved in and started paying for it). They do great if you can keep them watered enough in the heat.

Last spring we planted a kumquat, two satsumas, a meyer lemon, and a fig. The fig is doing best of all. I am not sure what I am doing with the citrus yet.

This year I have three 4x4 beds. In one is beets, carrots, radish, onion, cabbage, lettuce and flowers. Next is a bed with strawberries, thyme, parsley, basil, radish, peppermint, lavender, and garden peas. IN the last bed are peppers, tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumber, lettuce, swiss chard, and okra.

I know it sounds like a jumbled mess, but this is my first year "getting serious." And my helper is 7 years old... my daughter loves to help and sometimes makes some decisions for me. I am happy to oblige since gardening is usually considered an experiment.

Remind me to update you around end of June. Some harvesting and replanting should have occurred by then.

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