Belle Of Georgia Semi Dwarf Peach Q

scandia(7)February 27, 2009

I bought a Belle of Georgia tree 2 years ago in March. It is now about 10 feet tall and last summer, yes 1 year after we planted it, grew 3 peaches. YUMMY!!!.. I was wondering if anyone knows if I need another tree for pollination so I get more fruit. Or, do I just need to feed it more?

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Well, they are supposed to be self-pollinating,(meaning you shouldn't need any more than one), But something inside me always feels safer if I have 2 trees anyway. It couldn't hurt.

Another reason I like to have more than one fruit tree of any variety I get, is if something were to happen to one, I still have the other.....also it means more fruit....YAYYY!!!

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THANKS; I have the hole dug and have prepared the soil with leaves and sticks and junk mail mulch, and I put some fish pieces in the bottom of the hole. (my hubby likes to fish) I did that about a month ago, and have the area covered with plastic until I get another tree. I plan to plant the new tree about 16 feet away from the other. Do you think 16 feet is good? I read that 14 feet is the minimum..The other tree seems to be happy in that area of the yard, so I am hoping the new one will be happy too.

You are right, a second tree wouldn't hurt. And they are so pretty in the spring. And the peaches they produce are SOOOO good.

I am not the best gardener so I needed to seek another opinion before buying another Belle.

The first tree is planted 14 feet from a southern exposure 6ft fence. It gets full on sun all day in the summer. If I plant the other tree the same width away from the fence to the east of the original tree. They would be lined up so one would block the morning sun from the other. And the other would block the afternoon sun. Is that a risk?? I mean blocking the sun?? Does anybody know how much sun they need?? I really want them lined up.

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