Pike's Nursery to be Auctioned

georgia-roseFebruary 22, 2008

Announcement on local news in Atlanta that Pike's Nursery will be sold to the highest bidder. Is owned by a conglomerate in Dallas, TX area. Guess the Exceptional Drought conditions in all of the areas in which they operate created too much red ink for them. Many of their Alabama grower sources were also affected, especially one in Baldwin County, who has had to dump loads of plants from cancelled orders.

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One season of drought and they're selling out? That doesn't say much about pride in the "family business". The Plant Odyssey and Hanna's Garden Shop, along with other locally-owned & -operated nurseries, have dealt with much more adversity, sucked it up and survived.

Oh yeah, this is America, where - too often - profit comes before pride. Sad, but our "home town" nurseries will benefit from their "take the money and run" attitude. They won't be sorely missed.


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Oh Nelson you are too much just kidding. They had some neat stuff but just to high for me. I'll stick with Hazel's.

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I went by the Hwy 280 store Friday (Feb 22) afternoon and bought a few bulbs with one of my gift cards. I have been wondering about them. They have been down to a half dozen fish for months and the covered area outside has been bare. They do have a few new azaleas, a few new very nice sweet anise bushes and new stock in the tropical area. Since they haven't been restocking I suspected they weren't coming out of bankruptcy. Now I know I had better use my cards before they go under and leave town. Jill, you are right about them being a little high priced but I don't think they are nay higher price than Hanna's Garden Shop. I go by Hanna's just to get ideas.

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beckibob(7b AL)

Never heard of Hazel's. Where is it? What's it like?

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