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rinaldo(z7b AR)October 22, 2011

I wish more people listed their state abbreviation along with their climate zone. It can be difficult to assess and use other people's accounts of hardiness, diseases, etc. with only climate zone listings. After all, a zone 7 here in AR or in TN is a very different sort of thing than the same in Delaware or Oregon.

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Glenburn(z8/z9 Mudgee, NSW Aust)

rinaldo, I think that is a great idea, I wish they would to. As I live in Australia, I have to search state names to find things, if it was on all I would find it helpful, Regards David.

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seil zone 6b MI

I wish so too but a lot of them don't even list a zone let alone a state. How on earth can you answer a question like, "can I winter this?", if you don't know where in the heck they live!

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Thank you. That's a suggestion that has been requested many times before. I think few understand what a tremendous difference where you are makes in all aspects of growing roses and gardening in general. Kim

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Years ago, when our email addresses showed up, I answered a question from someone with the words redriver in their email, because I was sure that their Red River was on the Texas Oklahoma border. How many other Red Rivers have we heard of?
Something in my answer prompted them to say that their Red River was in Arizona.

That's why the greater location information, coupled with elevation/zone information is a necessity.

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I've debated this with myself many times. I want to include USDA zone information, and Sunset zone information is even more important to west coast gardeners. And I think most people who read the forum regularly do know that I live in California. It comes up in the course of conversation fairly often. Given that there is not much room to list all this information without being cryptic, I erred on the side of clarity.

However, I just went into my member page, changed my zone listing to Z9/S16 NCal, and saved it. I see that it is not yet showing up here. Perhaps they need to do some kind of overnight reload before such changes show up. We'll see in time. Has anyone else changed their zone information? How long does it take to appear?


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organic_tosca(9/Sunset 14)

Rosefolly, I entered my zones on my profile page awhile back, but it has never shown up either. I know that when I was first on the forum, I entered my USDA zone, and later I added my Sunset zone - later yet, I deleted both (temporary paranoia), and that worked. All those entries (and the deletes) worked. But my recent effort to replace them seems NOT to have worked. I'm entering a new version (like yours, as it makes great sense to me) on this post. Perhaps that's the way to do it - who knows? I've actually forgotten how I went about making all those previous changes.

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Laura, I'll try your suggestion too. If you look on my member page, the new data shows up the way I changed it, but it doesn't seem to be showing up here. I'm plugging it in with this post FWIW. However, if they are not updating that information, we members can list our more complete data as much as we like and it really won't do much good.


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Rosefolly...When I changed mine awhile back, I think I ended up doing it 4 or 5 times before it actually appeared...but it appeared right away. I wish I could remember exactly what I did to get it to stick, but unfortunetly, I can't :(

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It's odd. I have updated it several times now. It appears correctly on my member page as Z9/S16 NCal but as you see it here. I have sent tech support a note. Perhaps they need to reload something.

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Great idea---


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I could never figure out how to change the screen name. In fact, I thought it was permanent. So I re-registered so that I could add my zone and state to my screen name so I wouldn't have to type it every time. My dilemma was that I'm in Louisiana. The name is too long to write out, but the abbreviation is LA, which many people read as Los Angeles. I guess, though, that here most people would know it's a state abbr and not a city? But you never know ...

So I figured I'd just make a note of that if I'm ever posting, and feel someone reading it should know which state I'm in.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

Yes, sometimes people from the Upper Mudwest give advice to people in the South or PA or something.

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BTW, Gardenweb eventually fixed my problem with updating the zone/state information. I did send them a note. I really didn't notice when it started appearing correctly, so I couldn't say how long it took, but it is fine now.


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