will my yuccas survive?

shinythumbMarch 17, 2006


I am new to this site, and new to the whole gardening hobby itself. Today, I planted my used-to-be houseplants, elephantipe yuccas into the ground outside. My grandma told me that she has had yuccas outside for years in this area and they did fine, even in the snow, though I believe they were a different variety of yucca. The leaves are a little on the yellow/brown side after having been outside for a week or so. The weather changed and we had some much cooler weather after having had upper 70's. Anyway, I was just hoping that these plants weren't meant more for indoor houseplants as opposed to being outside year round. I really love them and wanted advice on whether or not they will thrive in a 7 zone climate. I read enough to know that they are "rated" or whatever for 9-11 zone. Thanks for your input!

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There are all different types of Yucca. Some will live here, some will not. It sounds as if yours is more the houseplant variety.

In which case, would be fine to place outdoors during warm weather, in a pot. But I wouldn't recommend planting in the ground.

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If you are sure of your own zone and sure of correct identification of your plant, then it does look as if you may have to repot and bring your plant back inside. Those zone numbers are not perfect but they're a pretty good indication of what will grow well for you in your area. You could grow plants rated for zone 7 or lower, but you are risking your plant if rated higher than Zone 7.

There are many Yuccas rated for your zone (and colder zones), one of which undoubtedly was what your Grandmother grew.

I'd repot your plant, water it very lightly for the next few weeks until I saw new leaves appearing which would indicate recovery from the cold. Then you could move outside for the summer...but definitely plan on taking it back inside next fall. Good luck...hope it wasn't permanently harmed. Yuccas are pretty tough so might just lose a few leaves. josh

Here is a link that might be useful: Yucca elephantipe

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Thanks for the input. I was afraid of that. They are the palm tree looking yuccas, just to clarify. They do have some new sprouts on the trunk, so I think they might make it. I should have mentioned that not all of the leaves were damaged, just a few of them on each plant. I planted four of them in the ground yesterday, but it looks like I will be uprooting. Thanks for the help.

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