Sambucus - the first year

Josh(z8a)March 10, 2006

Have ordered one Sambucus nigra filacinata and one Sambucus nigra 'Gerda' which will arrive in small 4-inch pots. How much will they grow in first year? I plan to pot them up in 12" containers with perhaps an annual grass and maybe a Coleus to fill out the pot at first. Will the Elderberry be panting for more soil and root room by July? I've read that when full-grown they can be cut back heavily in spring and be full size by end of summer...but will they grow that fast the first year?

This probably belongs on Container or Shrub forum...but I know here in AL these plants grow faster and I wanted advice here. I can of course repot mid-summer,or start off in larger pot if such a young plant's root system wouldn't suffer from the over-potting.

I've also ordered Clerodendron trichotomeum fargesii and Vitex negundo 'heterophyllum' also to be grown in containers. What do you think about these...12" pot or 20" for this first year?

I've gardened in containers for years but everything I read tells me these grow very fast...unlike a Japanese Maple or Chamaecyparis. So any advice welcome or even your best guess...thanks. josh

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Just going to wing I do most things. LOL So will move this on down. josh

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