planting peas

cascabelleMarch 2, 2009

I live in Dothan (Zone 8) AL. Is it too late for me to plant peas? Thanks for any info!

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cascabelle, I live just to the west of you and I planted my english peas last week, a little later than usual. I believe you'll be ok if you get'em in the ground soon.

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I live in Baldwin County and my english peas are just about 2 inches tall. It is a little late but maybe I'll make some If this freeze don't kill them.

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I was late last year too, can't remember why now, I used the Green Arrow variety and I got a good stand even though I planted late. Enough to freeze some and had plenty for fresh eating too. I believe they'll do ok. I'll get'em in earlier next year for sure!!

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I live at the opposite end of the state from you, in zone 7. I planted my snap peas and potatoes today, this is roughly the time I plant them every year, and they do very well. If you have not tried sugar snap peas they are really good. You can eat em pod and all(if you don't let them get all the way mature)

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