Alocasia macrorhizos bulbs at Pike's

john_trussville(z7b AL)March 19, 2006

hey all you B'ham area Alocasia fans....Pike's on Hwy 280 has Alocasia macrorhizos bulbs, small & large..$4.99 & $7.99. I've never seen these for sale in B'ham before...pretty sure Pike's didn't have them last year. I bought one on Ebay last year (don't ask what I paid) & by early August was putting out 4'+ glossy green leaves.

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Thanks John going to have to check Pikes out have been wanting some forever, I bet they will have the japanesse aerial there. I know it will survive here because I have to deliver to greenetrack and they have some outside it is under a awning but still exposed to the elements and it has survived.

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Myer's in Pelham usually has them early in the season. I don't remember seeing them when I was there last weekend. Just remember that once the alocasia grows a "trunk", you can cut off the trunk and root it really easy. Plants will grow from the root-stump and the cut trunk will root so you will begin multiplying your plants. John, I wish I had known you were looking for this. I'd have given you some. I advertised on the Alabama forum and Rosey and two others came by to pick up about 10 plants.


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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

And I am STILL loving mine! :) Thanks againg Terry! I didn't get around to rooting any last year - but this year i intend to make them multiply. Naturally, I shared - with my MIL, etc....should I demand all the plants back since she demanded the patio set back?!?

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john_trussville(z7b AL)

Terry, I was just at Myer's this afternoon & didn't see any either. But after coming home & reading your post I went outside & poked around in my brush pile a little & actually found the trunk that I had discarded from mine last fall. It was still green, rock solid & had developed a large, cream-colored "node"(maybe not the correct terminology)at the base. This section of trunk is about a foot long. Can I get more than one cutting from it, in addition to the part at the base with the node? Any pointers would be appreciated..... I've been messing around with plants for years, but have just never taken the time & effort to do much propagating. Thanks!

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Give it a try. Nothing ventured; nothing gained. That is how I learned to root them. A piece broke in a storm. I just stuck it down and , voila ... it rooted. Have done several since.

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