bright yellow sedum 'ogon'

jeff_alMarch 20, 2009

planted this sedum last year and am finding it to be a good one. it has spread to over twice the dia. of the size when it was planted, but wouldn't call it aggressive. it can be easily propagated from stem cuttings. the more sun it gets, the more yellow it becomes. kinda glows when the low-horizon sun is shining on it in early morning and late afternoon. color changes to a yellow-green in winter.

i think it looks nice with the brilliant blue lithodora flowers and the powder blue ipheion. 'blue spruce' sedum creeping in behind the lithodora. both of these sedums seem to do well in either full or partial(3-4 hrs.) sun.

(click for larger image)

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Hi Jeff!

'Ogon' is a nice, versatile little sedum. I have several red/purple-leaved Japanese maples that I grow in containers, and 'Ogon' is beautiful growing underneath them. Like you mentioned, it takes partial shade very well.


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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Wow Jeff, that is gorgeous. Love that bright yellow green and your grouping with the blues is just perfect.
Thanks for sharing your photos.

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hi nelson, jan.
i am finding that i can work sedums into the garden easily. they are tough, colorful plants for small, difficult areas. 'ogon' is just so bright that you can't overlook it and i really like yellow/chartreuse, esp. in spring.


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