What to do with unwanted bands?

kristimamaOctober 28, 2011

Hi everyone,

Hard to believe but true... I bought far too many bands in the last year, somewhat deliberately so that I could see which plants I loved the most and how often they bloomed and their growth habit and color and all that. I've narrowed down my favorites, but there are at least 6 of them now in 5-gallon pots that I just don't think I'll put in my yard. My husband keeps giving me a hard time about the little pot village growing in my patio.

What do you do with unwanted roses? Do you sell them? Give them away? Toss them in the trash?

Since these are antique roses I almost feel like it would be a crime to toss them. I don't want to deal with shipping them to complete strangers. My kid's school won't take them. And none of my friends actually "garden."

Part of me is wondering if I should donate them to one of the Bay Area rose gardens but then I think, they probably have enough as it is.

Any ideas? I'm in the East Bay.



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I give away roses I don't want, unless they are clearly problem roses for my area. I give them away to friends, neighbors, fellow gardeners at a plant exchange, and once in a while to gardeners in this area through this forum. I am not willing to mail potted plants. That is too expensive. The recipient must be willing to pick them up, either at my house or at a mutually agreed place.

There are many ARF members in the Bay Area. Why not post a list of your passalongs and see if anyone wants them? You may have just the rose someone is looking for.


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seil zone 6b MI

Contact those rose gardens and see if they do want them, you never know unless you ask. Or contact your local rose society and see if there are members who might want them. I'd be willing to bet there are.

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I live in the East bay and I work as a volunteer who has planted Old Roses in a local public garden.
If I don't already have the roses you don't have room for I would love to have them, to grow as mother plants so I can give new plants grown from cuttings to that garden.
-would you please e-mail me at locadalocada@yahoo.com to tell me which roses you have.
I could meet you at a local Starbucks in Point Richmond, or elsewhere in the East Bay if you don't want a stranger coming to your home.

Thank you,
Ms. Luxrosa

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

Rose societies usually have raffles as fundraisers in conjunction with their monthly meetings. I usually donate them as raffle table prizes, and then take the tax deduction for whatever I paid for them and their accoutrements (soil/pot/whatever). Most rose societies are set up as 501(c)(3) organizatons and will give you a tax receipt. Talk to your nearest rose society and see if they can use them for that or something else.

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Hi Luxrosa, Thanks! I'll get in touch with you if I ultimately I decide to part with them. I would like to see what they do this fall, and between now and the Celebration I will have a better sense. My husband, he prefers I get rid of them now... (and seriously, he said yesterday when Gregg's new fall list came out do NOT order any more.) But he doesn't win when it comes to roses. LOL

I'll keep your email though, and let you know if I get rid of any. Just curious, which public garden you plant in? (If you can say....If no no problem.)

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Hi Luxrosa, I am getting a better idea of what needs to go... and I will email you separately.

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