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aerisMarch 30, 2013

I'm trying to figure out what kind of tree my friend has. It blooms in February with red flowers. In March, it starts growing beans. Looks just like butterbeans that don't quite fill out. They just hang down under the tree limbs and are supposed to be edible

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Is it a redbud?

There are a few other trees that grow pods but none of them have flowers that are reddish that I know.

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I would put my money on Red Bud. It's been in bloom for almost two weeks here south of Atlanta so the Febuary timing may be off unless your down on the gulf. Don't know about edible but it is related to peas and beans as it is a legume and nitrogen fixer.
The other trees with pods that come to mind both bloom later and only one has showy flowers that are pink.
Mimosa blooms in May with powder puff pink blooms and Honey Locust doesn't really have showy blooms but the sweet pulp in it's pods is edible.
Black Locust has white blossoms.
Catalpa has showy white blooms with a purple throat and blooms late May or June.

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