loveofmylife680(z7)March 25, 2008

Does anyone know where you can get ladybugs around the B'ham area. I was going to order them but shipping is $35.00 min. I have aphids on my daylilies already and spraying with water is not doing the trick plus I know my little girl would love to release the ladybugs.

Jill B.

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kate6(z7 bhm)

I ordered some a few years ago (for the heck of it) from and I checked right now they are only $6.99 for 1500. That's about what I paid. They arrived healthy and hungry!

We also live in Bham, and were out in the country on Good Friday and captured a TON of them and brought home to my garden, which you can see on my blog,
They are laying lots of eggs already!

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Kate , I broke down and bought some from a place out west. I got them today and the paper said to water the plants then just release a few every day. Have to keep them in the frig. when I need some I just carry the bag outside with a sponn and release them. My little girl just loves this task. They will keep in the frig up to 2 weeks. LOL got to hide them when my mother in law comes over she would freak out.

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BEFORE CONSIDERING GROWQUEST: read other forums about them. The owner has stolen thousands from people.

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Check Myer's in Pelham. They have carried them in the past.

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