miniature roses

browneyedsusan_gw(8a)March 8, 2007

I fished out two miniature roses from the trash in Walmart the other day. They charged me half price even though they were about to be thrown away. One bloomed today, a beautiful 2" white flower. I have them in my laundry room at the moment and I wanted to know if they were hardy outdoors in our zone (7b/8). Do they require special care?


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i have grown many miniature roses in the past and treated them just like the standard rose bushes. i ordered all of them from a mini-rose nursery and hardiness here was not an issue. some of the shrubs grew larger than i expected, up to 4' tall, while still producing the undersized flowers.

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

I've got three that I purchased from Wal Mart a couple of years ago. They are in large pots, and stay out all year long. I'm in zone 8. Last year, they were blooming almost all winter!
Jeff, I've been told by an avid rose person, that only the blooms are miniature, but the bushes can get rather large. This has proved true in mine. I just keep them pruned to the size I want.

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Thanks! This is exciting! I just saw a number of miniature roses in different colors at Lowes-in the house plant section.


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Miniature roses are usually hardier than larger roses.

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I wish ya'll would just shut up already about your little miniature roses. I saw a beautiful purple one last week and, after reading this post last night, I fled back to buy it today (and I don't buy roses!).

Nelson ;-)

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Oops, sorry Nelson. What can we say, we're just all a bunch of "enablers" arent' we? :o)

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Just reading these posts made me laugh.. I am new to the Garden web... but looks like a great place to learn.. I also have bought some of those pretty miniture roses at W/M they are just irristable huh? anyway.. after i got home i started to read up about them.. I have 10 plants and I am excited to see what will happen.. so far they are looking pretty healthy.. i think the key will be to keep them pruned back to the height i want them.. cause all i have read say they get like 4' tall. anyway. HAPPY SPRING TO EVERYONE..

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joyb26(7b AL)

Nelson, why on earth DON'T you buy roses? It's so much fun!!


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