Evergreen, sun-lovng vines for mailbox?

mattie108March 19, 2013

Any suggestions for a sun-loving evergreen vine for my mailbox? I've tried Clematis but it doesn't bloom well and isn't pretty in winter. I am trying to discourage birds from perching and leaving droppings there - or at least hiding the droppings. Looks awful! Don't want anything too invasive, though.

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I have Confederate Jasmine on my mailbox -- it grows quickly, but I seem to be able to keep it under control with a trimming or two a year. Seems to look the same in summer and winter to me, with sweet smelling blooms in the spring.

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Thank you, MiKru! I have a Carolina (is that the same as Confederate?) Jasmine in my back yard and I do love it, but wasn't sure how it would do at the mailbox because that spot is surrounded on three sides by concrete and the soil is so rocky (I should have added that fact to my post). And I wasn't sure my mailbox (mounted on just a metal pole) would support a jasmine. I think I will try your suggestion. Thanks again!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Well, better make sure how strong the supports are, because CJs can become pretty darned heavy.

Something to think about.....postal workers don't like it when the mail box supports are covered with a cascade of woody vines. Why? These vines often become havens for wasps.

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