'Crimson Globe' I finally identified that huge red rose.

luxrosaOctober 15, 2011

A couple of years ago someone brought me an immense red rose blossom to identify, he had found it growing in a friends garden in Berkeley, Ca.

-I'd never seen a rose that size, in person.

-an immense size, far larger than 'Crimson Glory' and a slightly deeper crimson. Though the deeper hue could have been due to the dehydration which takes place when a cut rose blossom has been out of water for a few hours. Facts like this contribute to the difficulty of rose identification, ideally an 18 inch cane with blooms, helps best to identify a rose cultivar or species, along with a photo of the entire plant to show growth habit. There are more than 40 thousand different roses on the planet today.

-great weight of bloom, by far, the heaviest rose blossom I'd ever held in my palm.

I thought about the some thousands of different types of roses I've seen, at vintagegardens and san jose heritage rose garden and other private and public gardens, and none of my notes I've taken over the last ten years mention any red rose that size, with that petal count.

- Its' armature didn't match any red H.P. I've seen.

- I searched helpmefind. com to no avail, no photos of any red rose appeared to even slightly resemble it.

- I only had one blossom to go on, and hardly any foliage or armature on the shortly cut stem to help identify it.

-the bloom was deeply fragrant of Damask.

Then, a few months ago, I remembered;it had stiff brown moss.

I've thought about it often over the last two years and then recently I saw a photo of a huge red Moss rose of the name 'Crimson Globe' that showed the distinct shape of his rose. I had found the name of the Rose!!!

I am tickled pink to know its' name.

Graham S. Thomas didn't seem to think much of 'Crimson Globe', it balled in his climate in England, well it would having c. 60+ petals.

It is a rose that needs heat to open well.

I hope to meet the plant someday.


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p.s. it looked nothing like the rose at rogue valley.


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I remember that post, and how amazed you were at the large size of the flower.

It's awesome that you finally know what it is!

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I looked this rose up on HMF but none of the pictures really seemed to convey the huge size of the bloom. The pictures from Sangerhausen best show the globular form. It's too bad you weren't able to obtain a picture of your rose. It sounds fantastic.


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This is one of the roses that I picked up during my final frenzy of ordering when Ashdown closed. The poor thing is still in a pot, hoping to finally get a place in the ground when my new labyrinth garden is ready in a couple of weeks. It's great to hear such a glowing review! This makes me even more excited to grow it.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

ALAS! Yet another rose that's glorious in NoCal (and other places) that's a poor prospect for my coastal SoCal garden.


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I've rarely been so amazed in my life over the size and heft of a rose blossom, not since I met the rose that might or might not be 'Long John Silver' and in my palm 'Crimson Globe' seemed to be the weight of two or 3 of those white blooms.
'Crimson Globe' I adore you.


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