leaning palm tree

colabamaMarch 9, 2008

hi everyone. my trachy fell sideways with the last tornadic winds we had a couple of weeks ago.does anyone have any ideas on how to right it? appreciate any help you have.thanks!

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How tall? Guessimate of weight? Can you put a quilt or blanket around the trunk BELOW THE GROWTH BUD, wrap a rope around the quilt and pull it vertical with a truck or car while a couple of other folks help hold the trunk and keep it from twisting sideways? Once it is up, I would stake it with three or four stakes until it has a chance to get rooted again. Do not break out the growth bud or it is a goner.

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this trachy is approximately 5'.it is my pride and joy.i hope it will make it.thank you for responding

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Do you have help in getting it upright. If it is on 5 feet it shoul dbe small enough to pull it vertical by hand. Like I said, just be very careful with the growth bud. When they cut the growth bud out of palms to make hearts-of-palm, it kills the tree.

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i will be able to right it soon,and will be extra gentle in not harming the growth bud.thanks again

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