tresa(7-8)March 6, 2006

Hi. In another forum I learned that what afflicted my poor cannas last year was leaf rollers. What I want to know, is that also the reason my irises didn't do much last year and why the blooms looked really dry and ugly if they opened at all that is. I looked and sure enough some of them have buds down in there and they look dry already. Can I get rid of these things with 7 dust or what? Thanks.

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Have a look at

Here is a link that might be useful: Iris diseases

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I have read about leafrollers now...hummm seems they could be controlled with some Praying Mantis'or birds...They sound like they would be a yummy snack for a bird or Praying Mantis..

Put a couple bird feeders near your cannas.

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Ok, thanks. I checked out that link. Still not sure what mine are suffering from, but it is an interesting link anyway. Thanks for the suggestions.

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