Question - abelia, nandina

roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)March 12, 2006

Hi ya'll,

Have i waited too late to cut them back? Things are hectic, and today i thought about it - as i spent ALL day out in the yard.

Wasn't today gorgeous?!?! I have worked in the yard all day today  well since about noon  I had to do my sisterÂs taxes first. I used the blower cleaning up a lot of leaves  I did some raking yesterday  and realized I have TOO much property to rake  gotta use a blower, and use the rake for INSIDE the flower beds. my arms are ACHING from using the blower all day, and i still have MORE to do at some point. For some STRANGE reason, I thought the blower would be "easy"  guess that was b/c I never used it  butthead always did that.

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful day...

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It was so pretty today, I worked outside from 9 till 5 little girl had fun helping momma dig holes for the flowers we were moving. We moved the banana tree and elephant ears what a job. I know everyone else is ready for their flowers to bloom. Happy gardening everyone. Muscles will be aching tommorow.

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According to the calendar, it's still winter ;-)

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Lgkovalcik(z7 AL)

Go ahead and cut 'em back. Sounds like you're in the mood to do a little damage!

I cut my abelia almost to the ground every third year or so. Keeps them full and fresh looking. Within a month or two, you'd never know they'd been assaulted with a deadly pruner.

For the nandina, I cut the tallest stalks back to near the ground about this time of year. The new growth is lower and keeps them from getting gangly.


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I could have swore I replied to this message this morning. Oh well. Go ahead and cut them back.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

Thanks ya'll! I will cut them back this weekend....

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