Trading Trades U Just Traded for ????

tsmith2579(7B)March 8, 2006

I know, the subject is like the old Homer & Jethro "I was Looking Back to See". I just saw on the PLANTS trade forum where last year someone received some pink banana plants. The trader did not grow the bananas but and promptly traded them for something else. Now the person is apologizing because the plants were not pink bananas but were cannas. Would you send someone a plant you have not grown and are not absolutely sure it is what it is supposed to be? I would not. A few years ago I traded brugs to a lady who just had to have them. Within a day after she received the plants, she had posted them on the PLANTS forum. Initially I was very irritated but then again they now belonged to her. Still, it just doesn't seem right. I would be very unhappy if I had received the cannas instead of the pink banana.

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My conscience wouldn't let me give away, much less trade, for something I wasn't absolutely sure about. My neighbor has huge gardens and has shared many things with me & others. But she would not divide her iris and give me any because they had a disease. You're right to think that anything you give away is no longer yours, but this reminds us all to be careful of what (and who) you trade with. Mis-represensting anything is inexcusable, whether it's a plant or some other item.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

My personal feeling would be that you need to make sure the other person knows this plant has not been verified. Tell them what you were told it was but that you haven't had the opportunity to grow it long enough to tell for sure. Then leave it up to them to decide if they want to chance it.

For me the same goes for any plant that you think may have a disease. I was going to trade some daylilies at a spring swap (not for this forum) and then discovered they had a foliar fungus (not rust thankfully) when they started to break dormancy. I notified the people I was trading with to see if they wanted to cancel the trades and surprisingly they all wanted to proceed. I am hopeful my spray treatment will take care of the problem before trade date but they need to be made aware of it so they can isolate it and continue to treat it if necessary.

Just my 2 cents though. Happy gardening.
Sincerely, Squirrellypete

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Trading trades you just traded for...Hummmmm...I am new so I wouldn't trade trades I just traded for...Haven't even traded anything yet...I can't figure out how to fill my trade page out.

Maybe the person changed their mind about the plant and traded it...Maybe someone they wanted a different plant from, wanted your plant so she traded your plant for the plant that she really wanted...

I have been told that I have Heirloom Tiger lily in my yard, from 1940...If I was planning on trading some of that I would make sure to say I am not sure...

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