Shade Perennial that will hang over a brick retainer wall?

bcb77(7b)March 2, 2007

Any ideas on a few nice ones that will creep/ eventually drape over the wall? Must be shade lover, though, because there's hardly any sun underneath my crepe myrtles and loropetalums.

I had the wall planted with Mexican heather, creeping phlox, Grace Ward Lithodora and Giant White Abunda (LOVE those last two) but those full sun/ part sun choices are no longer good ones since my surrounding shrubs have gotten so large. I need some shade lovers now.

Will ajuga chocolate chip ever get big enough to hang over the edge? I like the look of it, but I think it's just a ground cover.

Will creeping raspberry take over my flower bed? I'm not crazy about the look of it, but it could work for my needs. I've heard it's a fast grower?

What else do you think? Here is a picture of the wall before my crepes got huge:

Thanks for any ideas.

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Thanks to Google I might have answered my own question to an extent. Tell me what you think of these choices:

Lamium "Beacon Silver"

Lamium 'Aureum'

Sweet Woodruff

Campanula Poscharskyana

Creeping Jenny? or does she need full sun?

Thanks, and any other suggestions are welcomed!

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tony_pman(7b/8a Al.)

Lamium Yellow Arkangel

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Ajuga wouldn't be my choice. Creeping Raspberry, Rubus calycinoides probably won't take over the bed but it suffers from brown-out = unattractive.
How about one of the hardy, non-aggressive, variegated ivies with white margins to compliment the white-flowering Crepe and add interest to all that green foliage?

Hedera helix 'no name' growing in the Stumpery.

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Any lamium should work. I have epimedium that trails over a stone wall in conditions similar to yours. Also creeping golden jenny (sorry - can't think of the Latin name). Geranium Roseanne will cascade over the wall and give you some blooms throughout the summer (not many in my heat).
As for woodruff, I love it. But it doesn't do for me in the height of summer heat. It tries it's best to die out. It revives in the spring, but I can count on it only for spring interest.
Another thing to consider is creeping tiarella. Some are meant to creep rather than bunch. I have one that cascades over my stone wall. Sorry, but I can't remember the cutivar. It should be easy to look up though.

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