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aubratgyrl(7)March 20, 2006

We are located in the shoals area. We put in a pool last year and have a chain length fence. We cannot afford a privacy fence and the way the pool was installed we would have to build a retaining wall to put the fence on if we wanted the fence to provide privacy. I am thinking of planting something that is rather fast growing and dense that will provide the same type privacy we want, but also serve to landscape our pool as well. I have thought of bamboo but it is a lot of work, I've thought of Willow Hybrid but fear when it sheds we will have a huge mess in the pool. Can anyone suggest what type plants, shrubs, or trees I should be looking for?



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So, what hanky-panky are you trying to hide behind a privacy screen, LOL! Willows seek water. If there is any seepage from the pool the willow roots will head straight for it, grow into the cracks and open the concrete. Mother made the mistake of planting a willow near the field lines for the grease trap. All the roots went toward the lines.

There are many pros and cons about Leyland cypress but it is evergreen and grows fast. You can order small seedlings from a catalog very cheaply and they wil grow fast. You can buy bigger ones and they aren't too expensive. Plant them close and then as they get bigger, cut out every-other-one.

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Chinese Privets, Tea Olive, Fringe Plants and Ileagnus. You can choose 1-2. Tea olives smell so good. Ileagus is very interesting. Chinese privets are fast and Purple Fringe gets big fast and interesting color if you can use that magenta color.

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hello.. I would use Elaeagnus.. It grows some what fast,smells great in bloom and the birds love the seeds..I have some small plants..if you e-mail me I can show you my plants..

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