Anyone tried a Loquat tree in zone 7 ?

telly2(7 b - Alabama)April 18, 2009

I really want one of these, but I think of them as being more of a tropical. There was one left at the BBG plant sale today, so I was tempted, but walked away. I did wonder why they would be for sale here if they're too tender for zone 7. I know that they can be grown in a pot, but I would prefer mine in the ground.

Some websites I've seen say they can be grown in zones 7 thru 11, others say 8 thru 11. Anyone have any experience with these ? Maybe Birdlady ?

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I have several growing in the ground for three years. They not only did well during the winters but also during the droughts. I don't expect them to bear fruit. The seedlings were about 5" tall and the plants are now about 4.5' tall.
I received the seedlings from someone located in zone 8a.

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john_trussville(z7b AL)

I've had several loquats here & they've done great for me.

I didn't see the loquats at the BBG plant sale, but I did pick up a eucalyptus 'neglecta' & a variegated pinstripe ginger. I've tried a few neglectas in the past & have never had any luck. I'm hoping this will be the one that actually grows for me.

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telly2(7 b - Alabama)

john trussville: There was only one lone Loquat left by 9:30 (of course, I don't know how many they started with), and it was located on one of the tables back by the Japanese maples. It was rather puny looking too, so I think maybe I'll try to find one elsewhere. Also, I wasn't aware that we could have ginger here either...I lived in FL for the last 10 years so I miss all the gingers.
You guys are giving me the confidence to at least try a loquat!

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I received one from a friend who has several on his property that are massive. I bought another one at Home Depot in Sylacauga. As terramadre said, they won't fruit this far north, but the fragrance in late fall is out-of-this-world! Go get 'cha one!

Also, Jan (birdlady 10) bought me a Eucalyptus 'neglecta' a couple of years ago, John. It's in absolute full sun and soil that stays on the dry side. In two years it's grown from a gallon-size pot into a 12 ft. tree. It's also starting to get that characteristic "peeling" bark that I love. Hope this one does well for you!


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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Where I lived in New Orleans, there was a large loquat in front - I saw it take 16F with no damage, though that year's fruit was meager. Oh well, most of the fruit always went to birds and small boys!

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Good down to 8º that mine saw a few years back. They don't fruit if temps drop below 20º.

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telly2(7 b - Alabama)

Searched eucalyptus 'neglecta' since it was mentioned, now I gotta have one of those too ! Does anyone know where I can get one in the B'ham area ?

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john_trussville(z7b AL)

telly2, in the past I've purchased eucalyptus 'neglecta' at Oak Street Garden Shop in Mountain Brook, and at Hannah's Garden Shop out on Hwy 280 east. Can't say whether they have them this year though.

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john trussville - I also picked up one of the variegated pinstripe ginger at the sale (along with a PeeWee oakleaf hydrangea, variegated sedum, Japanese forest grass, rain lily...:D). I'm new to gingers and since I'm not too far from Trussville (I live in Moody), I'm curious as to how you were going to use yours in your garden (exposure, amount of sun/shade, soil, etc). It was just such a beautiful plant that I got sucked into buying it without knowing exactly where to put it! Thanks!

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I'm going to try loquats for the first time this yr also. Have a trade coming from Panama City.
The variegated ginger is an alpinia and won't bloom because of our freezes, but it's well worth it for the foliage alone. Hedychium gingers are more cold tolerant and will overwinter outside. They also tolerate the sun more than other gingers, sometimes if they have too much shade they won't bloom at all.

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birdlady_10(z7b Ala)

My "neglecta" eucalyptus is over 12 ft tall now-freezes didn't bother it all.Both loquats are over 5 ft & bushy.I know they won't fruit but love the foliage.All my gingers are morning sun-afternoon shade.Mostly hedychiums-some alpinas.Tried some costas-no go :-(.But the shell ginger came back this year.Now to try some "iffy" bananas since my ensete made it thru this year-with LOTS of protection! Jan

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telly2(7 b - Alabama)

Birdlady - I think I just like the look of loquat trees, and I've heard that the fruits can be messy anyway.
Your yard must be beautiful ! It seems like you can grow everything !

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Thanks for the info Kabby and Jan! The ginger I bought was actually mislabeled as a Hedychium, so when I bought it, I assumed that it would be hardy for my area. But when I got back from the sale and was looking up more info on it, thats when I discovered that it was an alpinia. I'll try to find a sheltered spot for it that will get some afternoon shade and see how it goes.

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You are welcome Haley! Jan if you haven't tried Kaempferias, you NEED to! I only have one so far and it is so slow to break dormancy. I keep wanting to use that empty space for something else. I'm going to get some more but my budget is busted for plants right now. They are beautiful low growing plants.
On my bananas I have overwintered Manzano and Ice Cream every yr with no protection. Have lost a heck of a lot more that DIDN'T overwinter.
Sorry to highjack your thread telly, now you have all this information that you have no need for! LOL!

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telly2(7 b - Alabama)

That's ok, kabby. I'm learning this way too !

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How about there is some growing and fruiting in Brooklyn!!

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