Moving Clematis Princess Diana from under Cl Maman Cochet

sherryocalaOctober 23, 2011

I know some of you grow clematis with your roses. Off the top of my head I might not think ANYthing could damage this female Hulk of a climbing rose, but you know what they say about assuming. I planted the clematis about 18" from the base of MC two springs ago, not realizing that the clematis could not climb the large-diameter rose canes. It lays on the ground at MC's feet and this year produced two flowers in almost full shade. I have considered netting but never bought it. So now I'm thinking about moving it, but apparently the roots of a clematis go deep, and digging a deep hole that close to MC can't be good. Hmmm, have I just talked myself out of it? How many votes for getting the netting? I really don't want to upset Maman.


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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Sherry, being as I have had an AWFUL time growing clematis (I lost Princess Diana, which I love), would suggest not moving it. I have a clematis growing in Cl Pinkie, they sent the wrong one and they don't go together at all and of course is growing great, but I'm NOT moving it! For some reason I have a problem with all vines...

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I totally understand, Ogrose. I was really thrilled when it had the two flowers. Better not rock the boat, right?


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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jerijen(Zone 10)

I suspect, if you REALLY want to grow clematis, you might best put them close-together, but separate.

I think if they're intertwined, either one or the other will dominate, and the subservient plant will suffer.

VINES: Trumpet vines grow like mad here, but I wouldn't twin them with a rose. They'd overwhelm it.
Morning Glory becomes a horror, almost at the Kudzu level, in our winterless climate.

Thunbergia "Sky Vine" seems to have a good balance, and I wish we'd discovered it years ago. But I still wouldn't twine it with a rose.


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I grow clematis and have found I need to tie it up or it won't climb much on it's own. Can you tie it up on Cl Maman Cochet?

I'm pretty new to growing clematis but I've found them more vigorous in some cases than roses. In the middle of our horrendous summer, a couple of my clematis were blooming; none of the roses were!

One of my clematis is growing on Gloire de Dijon (which doesn't do much but I don't have the heart to take it out...I keep hoping) and I whack the clematis to the ground about twice a year. That keeps it (temporarily at least) from overwhelming the rose. If I don't cut it down, it totally takes over.

Good luck with your clematis, they are interesting plants.

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I have a clematis planted in the same hole as most of the roses on my Rambler Fence. When I was planting the roses, I dug the hole a little wider and popped the clematis right beside the rose. There's no way I could separate them now, and probably no way that I would want to.

If you planted this two springs ago, I'm not sure you've seen all that Princess Diana can do. I don't think netting is necessary, but a piece of string or two to get the vines started upright could help. As a combination, Princess Diana may be too delicate for your monsterous MC. I grow mine with Jeanne Lajoie, and it blends well with the lighter canes and foliage, providing a good background for PD's bell-shaped flowers.

Clematis is what I grow to teach myself tolerance. I prune my ramblers in the winter and I espalier them exactly the way I want them to be, keeping the spring show of flowers in mind. The clematis comes along in the spring, making its way willie-nillie up into and over the ramblers and I have absolutely no control over how they grow and where they bloom. Some years I get a great show, with clematis flowers interspursed with rose flowers and my planned combinations are beautiful. Other years, the clematis ends up growing too much one way and blooms in a clump (like tangled Christmas tinsel) and I have a big blob of purple or pink throwing off my carefully planned composition.

If you decide to dig out your clematis, I doubt you could hurt that huge MC of yours. Do whatever will please you the most.


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Terry Crawford

Sherry, I grow 'Princess Diana' on a pole that is wrapped in chicken wire. She grabs hold and twines around it all by herself without any help from me. I have so many clems around here growing through shrubs, lilacs, roses, shrubs, etc. it gets crazy. And believe it or not, they reproduce like gangbusters and intermix so I have tons of little clems all over the joint. So that being said, I have lots of experience in digging up the guys and moving them around.

Last spring, I moved a huge 'Lady Bird Johnson' with a massive, and I mean massive rootball. I just dug up as much as I could possibly get of the rootball, moved her to hew new home, watered her in well, and mulched her in. Clems love full sun with their roots in the shade. She sulked and didn't bloom this year but did grow and vine. Next year she'll be taking up the 7' trellis I moved her to. So...I don't think you'll have a problem with moving Pricess Di as long as you dig a big circle and get as much of her roots as possible. Just keep her watered after the transplant :).


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