Lady's Mantle

drippy(7bAL)April 6, 2011

I brought seeds from my alchemilla mollis with me from MA - but am seeing in the new Bluestone catalog that it is not a good plant for Gulf states. Anyone in N. Alabama grow it? I will be a little sad if I can't grow lady's mantle here. I do have some shade in my yard.

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I have tried several times and it has never come back. It doesn't seem to like all the humidity and heat in the summer. It's a shame because it is a beautiful plant and I WANT IT!

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catbird(z7 AL)

I've tried a couple of times, too, with the same results as lsmcw. That's one of the plants I'd love to grow that just can't seem to make it in Alabama. :-( Fortunately, there are lots of others that will grow here that can't survive in MA.

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I'm actually pretty happy with the overall variety available. I can grow a lot of what I grew in MA - I was a zone 6b - and my Mom insists the Cape area is 7a. Not all the zone 7 plants were reliable there though, and they pretty much are here. Being in northern Madison county, in the cooler part of the valley, I'm curious to see if any 8's will survive here.

Then there are a few things that don't take kindly to the warmer environment - like lilacs - but I understand I can find at least one variety that will do well in the south. I've also heard that oriental poppies won't do well here, or delphs. I have just planted out some oriental poppy seedlings - I had the seeds anyway - as an experiment.

The new garden is fun. I was so worried that most of what I planted out last year wouldn't come back, but everything did except asclepias and passiflora caerulea - both of which are native here; go figure.

I will miss my lady's mantle, however.

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