Place to buy compost in bulk?

shpigford(7)April 9, 2013

I need about 8 cubic yards of compost in the next couple of weeks.

Last year I purchased in from Perrins on 280, but they won't have any for another month.

So is there anywhere else in the Birmingham area (or within 30 miles or so) that sells compost by the yard?

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There are all kinds of compost- sometimes you can end up with trash. Captain Compost (google him) is the best person to buy compost from in this area. He sells it by the truckload. Are you trying to start a square foot garden? I looked for all of the same things a few years back when I started mine. I now compost all my kitchen and garden waste-it is easy and fun. You can also get leaves and grass clippings free from neighbors.

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We actually have a ton of our own compost (been composting for years), but we're significantly expanding the size of our garden, so need a lot more than we can produce.

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Bamatufa(7 - Trussville, AL)

Captain Compost. Located in St.Clair county. Odenville I beleive.

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