casualty list after this winter

tedevore(7b Al)April 8, 2010

So what bit the dust/turned to mush in your garden after

this crazy winter?

Here's my list so far of plants i have had for several years that did not make it.

I dug up some of these after no signs of life and the root systems were mush balls.

society garlic (these were outside in big containers, though)

ruellia rajun-cajun (and i liked that plant!)

I think my salvia "waverly' is dead (I think this is a salvia luecantha hybrid)

agapanthus 'peter pan' is no more.

a few cannas have yet to poke out---could be mush balls as well.

also not sure yet about a few elephant ears not over-wintered in the garage.

So I get to try some new things in their place. and its a beautiful spring so far!


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I have lost my Salvia leucantha, and a "New Gold" Lantana that I have had for about 8 years. I haven't yet seen several elephant ears (grown outdoors), Agapanthus, Dietes, Hymenocallis variegata. Veronica "Georgia Blue" that I got from Wayne at the fall swap didn't make it either.

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i had !!!! some of those plants also that were borderline for my zone. we attribute success in pushing the envelop for several years to
our expert gardening ability. along comes a winter like this one and reality sets in. at least i felt good about my expertness while they lasted.
now i can enjoy replacing them with durable plants for this zone. don't we enjoy gardening which ever way it goes ?


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catbird(z7 AL)

I didn't think my cannas were going to come up, but they finally peeked out a few days ago. It looks as if some early growth got freeze dried, but they seem to be coming on strong now.

I haven't seen any "Black Pearl" seedlings so far. Last year I had a number of them. I love them with the pineapple sage, so I'll probably buy some.

Some things I still had in pots didn't make it, probably because the roots got colder than they would have in the ground. I just didn't get around to moving them to a sheltered spot and covering them with leaves before the hard freezes hit. (not to mention that I hadn't gotten them planted.)

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I lost one of my Confederate roses, cannot remember which one. It never grew very tall last year, but the other one ended up at 8 feet. And that other confederate rose is coming back slowly from the roots.

I lost a lot of my aloe vera which had endured forever in huge pots beside the west facing driveway. Some of the asparagus ferns bit the dust, but most are coming back, even the ones in the hanging baskets I left in the flower beds with straw heaped high over them.

My two huge split leaf philodendrons which I thought were dead in their tubs are showing some sign of life.

But not the bananas, nor some of my colocasia and alocasia. I think I saw a sign of the Black Magic poking its head up though. So far I see no growth on the coral vine, but it is always late starting.

I also lost all of my geraniums.
HOT LIPS salvia is already blooming though. The canna lilies are coming up great, including Phaesion and the grean/cream striped one, mmmmmmm, Pretoria I think it is.
In fact, they both spread out.

ALL of my heucheras survived, in small pots outdoors. My lovely hybrid heuchera has magnificent orange-red tall spikes on it, and they've been fresh looking for TWO WEEKS now. The other heuchera mostly have lovely peachy or maroon-backed leaves and not fancy flower spikes. Then the other show stopper this year was the ajuga. wow!! And now my lawn is full of wild violets and I don't want to cut them down.

We bought a small strip of land from our neighbor behind us, and have not had a chance to clear off the "back forty" from all the overgrown brush and briars and seedlings YET. We've spent this spring working on the house interior.

Oh yes. I was planning to jerk the Zepherine Drouhan roses flanking the gate under the privacy fence arbor, because it did not bloom a single time last year. Well, this year it is absolutely LOADED with those big hot pink roses, and healthy leaves, and NO THORNS, so it earned a place in my garden.

It is hard to stay indoors and work on the house when the garden tells me it needs my attention.

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Last year I dug up my yard (it was only 2 years old) cause I didn't like the way it was going. I put everything in pots and any container I could find. I lost about 60% of what I had so it's almost like starting from scratch. The grass and weeds have taken over the whole border bed and i plan on doing things lasagna style to get going faster. This is what survived the winter:
2 columbines, my hostas, stella d' oro daylily, liriope, beauty berry, japanese maples, bengal tiger canna, red canna whose name I never knew, ostrich fern some lantana, verbena, the mammoth elephant ear poke through and candytuft, some snapdragon.

What didn't survive: a pink canna (name unknown), some yellow, and orange canna, daylily darius and pardon me, 2 azaleas, upright elephant ears, 2 types of spurge, nearly wild rose bush is struggling, geraniums, several different types of glads, a red lantana, banana, Veronicas, my 2 fringe bushes are struggling, I have rot on my confederate rose bushes, borage. To top it off, many of my trade seeds got damaged (my fault). This year is off to a slow start.

I've been checking the clearance rack at lowe's. new so far: rock cress, dwarf snapdragon, verbena.

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My list: all my crinums that were outside (I had 3 bulbs in my garage), all my amaryllis, the one elephant ear that I had and my gingers. Plus I lost a good bit of the stuff that I didn't get planted in the fall. Losing the crinims hurt especially bad. Some of them were family heirlooms.

The crazy thing is that I had forgotten that I had started to transplant some hostas and coral bells in the fall (I guess I meant to finish up the next day)...they sat out roots exposed all winter long and they are gorgeous and happy.

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