Flower/ground cover for moist shade?

Bhamster(7b)April 12, 2014

We have what I consider a junky area of our yard on the north side of our home where a 6-foot fence gate prevents much sun from hitting an area that's about 15 feet long and 4 feet wide. We recently planted some cephalotaxus fastigiata there but they are very small and apparently very slow growing, so I'd like to plant something around them to fill in. It's pretty much clay and gravel, but we have added amended topsoil for the shrubs.

Someone suggested violet but could that get out of bounds and into the lawn? Or would it only stay where it's shady?

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Vinca. Give it about a year to get established and the next year it will take off.

Do NOT plant violets if you don't want them in your lawn, garden, under the shed, crawlspace... okay, maybe not the crawlspace.

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

Partridge berry maybe?

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a couple that do well for me in similar conditons are strawberry begonia and asarums and hexastylis, especially h. splendens (chinese showy ginger).
the strawberry begonia is neither a strawberry nor a begonia but is saxifraga stolonifera. it is just beginning to flower at my house and the flowers are a nice addition to the pretty foliage.
for what it's worth, i am still eradicating vinca in my woods after planting it many years ago (if nicole and i are thinking of the same plants, the perennial vinca major and minor).
i regret the day i dug a piece and introduced it to my garden.

hexastylis splendens

you can see some of the strawberry begonia at the base of the concrete planter in this photo.

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Hmm. It's more behaved here. The problem in my woods is someone's old English Ivy. Grrr!

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